App Developers Pick Apple over Android



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Typo on gameloft....



I swear I really wish people would stop blabbing about the damn Apple vs Android applications.  Of course there are more developers for the damn iPhone OS, it has been around longer, can we say "a duh."  Now, if you really want to do a Venn Diagram that actually has some friggen meaning, why don't you do a timeline for how many developers started at the beginning of the iPhone OS and for how many started at the beginning of the Android.  Then do an analyses of how many at the current rate are to be projected with current Android adoption within the same timeline of the iPhone OS. 


I Jedi

Well, it really comes as no surprise to me about the article above; however, one must remember that a lot of developers, even if it is just a few thousand, are getting sick of Apple's ways of locking down the platform so tightly, and having a judge panel basically decide if the app. is viable enough to be an app on the iPhone/iTouch/iPad.

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