Anti-Microsoft Group Reveals Windows Zero-Day Bug



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Considering the comments so far I'd say Microsoft's publicists team is out in full force to spin this. "Oooo! These guys are sooo bad, don't listen to them"


These guys are doing a great service to the average windows user, and for free, in their own time.



I'll give it three months before a few disgruntled members reveal the identities of the other members while simultaneously creating the AMSRC (Anti-Microsoft-Spurned Researcher Collective).  I mean seriously, they need to accept that the guy's actions were wrong, and move on.


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!



Not only are they acting childish, but they're endagering their jobs by disclosing information that is sensitive. This is putting those "anonymous" people's jobs in danger (figuring it won't be that hard to sniff out those responsible).



Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



Butthurt much? 



I think the way these people are acting is childish.

How would they like it if someone reported that they were out of their house and had left the door unlocked or a window open?

Microsoft's beef with Tavis Ormandy was the fact that he just spilled the beans without giving Microsoft a chance to investigate.

And this group should know that there is no such thing as true anonymity anymore. All it takes is one slipup or one disgruntled member and the cat will be out of the bag.


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