Adobe Working Overtime to Squash Security Bug in Download Manager



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THIS "the user has to accept a number of prompts before being taken through the installation process," and therefore making it hard for a user to install unwanted and malicious software without their knowledge."

would probably be right should the would be bad guy name it like .. "this will fry your PC.exe"... but if it were me i'd use a name like "Update Adobe Reader 9.exe" which then most people would automatically install 



Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!



So... Adobe will have a fix for this in Q3 of 2012?  Given their average speed, I'd be shocked to see any fix come in before June.


Sebie Kay

Why must the infection that is Adobe update manager continue to plague us?   Why can't they simply allow a computer user to decide themselves when to update a program?  This is beyond me, and now look what has happened...

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



to not use their download manager.  Whenever it comes up, I always cancel installing the download manager and then proceed to download any updates manually.  Why they try to force you into using a proprietery download manager is beyond me.  Why do I need an extra bloatware program that can only download from Adobe? 

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