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Boy, glad I found this.



For such a horrible OS it gives me little problem.  I run it at work using Engineering Applications.  At home all computers are Vista.  The main wired gaming computer is connected to a laptop and 2 wireless computers in the kids bedroom not to mention a Xbox 360 via a router and cable modem.

One thing I have problems with is copying large files between the wired and wireless computers.  I have to use an USB key.  I have heard that is not uncommon even with XP.



You won't be able to use your "Crippled" XP from your old machine, 'cause the Big OEM's strip out everything (device drivers),that you > Don't Need < on their computer.

If you want to add drives or other hardware, the OS can't help you install it.

They have a deal with M$ that they'll supply you with a functional copy of an M$ product that will work only with your machine.

This way, good 'old Billy gets his $ when you buy a machine, and more $ when you buy a full, non-crippled copy to use only on one machine.

Got two machines? Put the same copy on more than one, it eventually "Call's home" and rat's you out.

So the first copy you use on the 'net will be OK, but a later connection by 'puter number 2 will be politely updates for that machine.I assume 'puter 2 will be using the internet.

So: Give up the cash,or go Linux.

M$ has been ruled a monopoly,and now you must pay.



Bob Creamer

My current computer came pre-loaded with XP, so I have no "original install" discs for that. I do have a set of "back up" discs that I made based on a utility included with that (HP) machine. I've recently purchased a new machine (another HP) that comes with Vista Premium pre-loaded. I've yet to even plug this in as, after reading your reviews and listening to your Podcasts, it sounds like the safest thing to do is set up a dual boot option with the new machine. So will I be able to follow your dual boot setup instructions using the back-up XP discs for my current machine (which don't include SP2) or should I just bite the bullet and try to buy a new copy of XP somewhere. I am planning on junking the old machine once the new one is up and running so I won't be violating any of the MS license restrictions by using the XP from that machine on my new one. Thanks.



Hadi Bob hope this might help your problem,&pocket book!

XP Home 99.98$ Duneti
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Wisdom is Something you Do"



C'mon, surely you can do better than TweakVI. This piece of junk software won't even start. First, it demands the presence of a circa 2000 file (mscomctl.ocx) and then, even after the file is installed and registered, it still doesn't work. If this software is the best you guys can recommend, then don't bother.



Granted, I'm not on Vista, but XP includes mscomctl.ocx as well. It's a fairly vital component of Windows. If you're missing that, and you replaced it with the Win2K version, yeah, you're probably not going to be able to run TweakVI or any other Vista program that relies on it. Not to mention, you're probably missing other chunks of your system, which could also be causing you some problems. Hell, I'd scan your hard drives, since you're apparently losing important files for no reason.

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