Make Bit-Perfect Archives of Your CDs With FLAC



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EAC is a great little program. I do however believe that your EAC instructions need to be updated. For one, EAC version 0.99 Pre-Beta 4 includes FLAC and does not have to be installed.





I like using EAC, because I can create a single wav file to burn to a CD using the cue file.  However, when I use .flac files, they each have a separate file.  (In fact, I may have created a single .flac file as well.)  However, EAC cannot use the cue file to burn the .flac to recreate the CD image.

 What is the best way to do this?  Can EAC be modified to use .flac instead of .wav?  I tried using 7zip to see if I could save some disk space, but it doesn't get nearly the compression ratio that flac can.



eac <at>



I also experienced the same issues and lack of detail mention in the "Better Job" comment. I just haven't resolved them yet. Please reply and let me know how you fixed those issues, especially the file save structure. I found the m4p plugin. It is designed for winamp, but works with mediamonkey. This plugin will play all of your songs you purchase from itunes store.



Is there a naming scheme that will allow the artist, album and other info to show up properly when I add the file to my itunes library? Currently when I add the songs or album to itunes it shows up with the song number infront of the song title and no album or artist info.



I have an extensive CD collection an was excited about this article but it does seem to be rather incomplete. I have installed this routine a number of times, never received the install and configure LAME screen, a file named "accuraterip.dll" already exists in the EAC install folder. Is it to be replaced with the dbpoweramp file?? I Dunno... I did not get any screens referencing WinAmp or Nero when installing DbPoweramp. It is very vague about the second EAC "configure," sending results for comparison. There is no "Configure" button to click after re-starting EAC, only the file list screen. I thought I configured a naming scheme and nested file structure but I have to manually go to the particular folder I want to save the audio files to, creating manually my own file structure. I think a much better job of explaining this could have been done.
The links given above are instrumental in setup. Now, everything works like a charm. I can code into many different formats.
Media Monkey is totally awesome. I deleted Windows Media Player from my machine. It will play flac files as well as many other codecs and burn them to CD. It also has an I-Tunes plug-in, though I have not tried it. I use Creative Media Player.
Great subject it just needed a little more elaboration and some attention to detail.



MEDIAMONKEY is a great music file organizer. It plays Flac files. it will rip (encode) to Flac as well as other formats. MM also syncs with my PDA and automatically converts the FLAC files to compressed mp3's (that you set) and loads them, without any hassle, so you can listen to Flac files on your computer and mp3's on your mp3 player. It also blows away ITUNES with its functionality and superior interface. Its also free.



Although a lossless compression codec is undoubtedly ideal for archiving, I am curious whether any of these files are likely to play on my iPods. If not, is it difficult to encode flac files as mp3s?

Thank you.



Good article, but you forgot to mention how we actually play these files or reburn them into CD-Audio again (ex: if we need a playable backup). None of the programs I use recognize .flac files (WMP, Nero, etc.)

Perhaps this stuff is all general knowledge to the majority of the MaxPC crowd, but I'm not finding a lot of use in this since I can't play or burn the files I create.

What utilities do I need to play/burn these files, preferably with the TAG info intact?



If anyone has figured out a compression error fix for this tutorial please post at



It's great to see the love for FLAC and EAC... but a few things come to mind:

1. The compression level hardly hurts compression time as it only affects decompression noticeably. That being said a better line might be:
-8 -A tukey(0.25) -A gauss(0.1875) -b 4096 -V -T "artist=%a" -T "title=%t" -T "album=%g" -T "date=%y" -T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" %s --sector-align
2. You miss a ton of options including:
a. Drive offset and the creation of a CUE file with proper gap detection.
b. Ensuring a secure mode rip and determining whether or not the drive supports certain features, like the cache which will cause a lot of mutt rips and CRC mismatches if you set it wrong for example.
c. Read command detection and using a burned test CD to detect write offset.
3. Also, in a further update possibly showing off Monkey's Lossless Audio or another decoder would be interesting as EAC has an option to save compression profiles. One last thing: Why no M3U? FLAC isn't just a great way to store music, it's also a great way to listen to it.


good info

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