Logitech Wireless Music System for PC

Logitech Wireless Music System for PC

LogiWirelessPC.jpgLogitech’s Wireless Music System for PC uses the same basic technology as the company’s Wireless Music System for iPod we reviewed in July, but we’re not nearly as fond of it. It’s not a horrible audio-streaming solution, but it’s certainly not a great one.

The fact that the Wireless Music System sells for half the price of our perennial favorite low-end streaming box—Slim Devices’ Squeezebox—is a plus, but that extra buck-fifty delivers a raft of features you won’t find in Logitech’s solution, including a gorgeous fluorescent display, push-button access to Internet radio stations, the easy-breezy SlimServer software, superior range, digital outputs, and far better audio quality.

The absence of a display doesn’t impact Logitech’s iPod version because your MP3 player serves as a display. With the PC version, remote interaction with your music player is limited to blindly moving between queued tracks, pausing, muting, and controlling volume. By the same token, Bluetooth’s limited range is a much bigger problem with the PC version because you can’t easily move your desktop PC if it’s outside the device’s 33-foot range. The Chiclet-size remote control, seems destined to disappear forever into the depths of your couch cushions.

Logitech’s MusicAnywhere software captures and redirects your media player’s audio output from your PC’s sound system to its USB port, which means you can’t play music on your PC’s speakers and stream it to the Bluetooth receiver in another room at the same time. Each time you do want to listen to music on your PC, you’ll need to reconfigure MusicAnywhere accordingly. Frustration levels will rise higher for iTunes users: That program doesn’t allow you to select which device plays its music, so you’re forced to choose MusicAnywhere as your default audio device—and that means every bleep and bloop your PC generates gets streamed to your hi-fi system.

If you can live with all these limitations, and you’re working with a very tight budget, we’ve listened to worse solutions. But doesn’t your music deserve better?

Month Reviewed: July 2006

Verdict: 6

URL: www.logitech.com



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