Logitech G9


Logitech G9

It’s difficult to improve on something that’s already damn near perfect. That’s the problem Logitech faced when designing the follow-up to the kick-ass G5 gaming mouse. The new G9 features an innovative, but not necessarily improved, design.

Sporting changeable shells, the mouse accommodates all hand sizes. The petite “ladyhands” shell is perfect for people with finer fingers, while the “meathooks” shell is big enough to accommodate everyone but the largest of giants. We continue to dig Logitech’s weighting system, which lets you adjust the heft of your mouse. With room for four weights, you can add as much as 28g of mass to your rodent—not as much as the G5 allows but still more than enough to elicit a gliding action.

Logitech also added the MicroGear scroll wheel, which uses haptic technology to switch back and forth between super-speedy smooth scrolling and traditional detent-style scrolling. Unlike the Logitech MX Revolution, the G9 allows you to swap scroll modes by pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse, so switching modes won’t cause problems in games that use mouse3 (the Revolution’s toggle button).

That’s what we like. We don’t, however, like this mouse’s physical design. The G9 is designed for gamers who hold the mouse with the tips of their fingers—Fatal1ty-style. The problem is that mice designed specifically for such claw-style players aren’t particularly comfortable for day-to-day mousing, and they’re not good for gamers who use a standard grip; the thumb buttons and sensitivity-adjustment buttons are located inconveniently for people who use a conventional grip.

The G9’s sensor, like the G5’s, is precise and perfect. The only real flaw that this mouse exhibits is its claw-friendly design. We just don’t think that this grip-style is very popular. In a decidedly unscientific poll of 15 gaming editors of all ages, not one used the Fatal1ty-style grip. Maybe the G9 should be labeled “For Professional Use Only.”

Grandmaster Flash

Same precise sensor as the G5; adjustable weight system; haptic scroll wheel.

Greenhouse Effect

Designed for claw-grip gamers; uncomfortable for day-to-day use.




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Its funny a friend of mine who was recently with me on singlereisen told me the same about the Logitech G9, he said: obwohl wir jetzt grad auf singlereisen unterwegs sind, finde ich mein Logitech Handy auch sehr gut. Ich werde damit auch mal einen singlereisen test machen und mal schauen, wie gut der ankommt. sollte gut funktionieren.


We then proceeded to have some fun, but it was strange that he was talking about his Logitech all the time



I'm not sure if I agree with this review. I've had my G9 mouse for about 3 years and LOVE it. I wouldn't buy anything other than this series. I love everything about this mouse. I don't think that it requires too much of your fingertips to use. Maybe that's because I turn my mouse on the highest sensitivity, so I don't have to move the mouse too much. As usual though, if there is a newer model of this mouse, I will be one of the first to order one.

Rachel Johnston

order fulfillment



OMG, I loved the Fatal1ty mice!  Unfortunately, it suffered from poor mechanical design - the clicking mechanism worn down and I started getting double clicks and no clicks.  I went through 2 laser 2020 mice!  I then stupidly bought a Microsoft X8, which is HORRIBLE!  Yes, I feel like Milosh, great shame!

I wish I could trade my X8 for a G9!  I don't have money to buy a new mouse since I was laid off right before Christmas.  No presents for me :(   I am a claw grip gamer by nature and there are few options.   Logitech makes great mice with great feeling buttons and wheel.  I've used a G7 for it's wireless, but the shape really hurts my accuracy.  

I guess if there was a Santa, he can drop even a used G9 on my front door.  I'd invite him in, but I can't even afford to keep the furnace on...

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