Lite-On 20A4PU EZ-Dub Optical Drive



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I don't know why such a lackluster CD burner got an "8" rating. USB? Wow! Software launching buttons? Wow! Worse performance than their top, evangelized drive? Hmmm.

As far as fashionable design? Save that for the boring Lacie Porsche drives where they at least TRY to be designerly. In case you haven't noticed, Apple's boxy products look a lot better than this. You'd never find 4 screen printed logos on the front of the product.

This thing really is nothing more than an internal drive in an enclosure that makes it external.

These are the kind of reviews that make me doubt MaximumPC. Like when Wired Magazine gave the Airport Express an 8 out of 10 stars. Palm grease.

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