10 Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Dual Display Setup



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SO I'm having a problem with windows 7.  I have two LCD monitors and in windows 7 settings you can drag around the monitors position to match your physical layout.  I set up my monitors so the bottom of each screen line up as a straight line, but windows 7 defaults and aligns them up to the top edge.  I can drag them around in the settings to where I want it (the bottoms aligned) but whenever I reboot, it defaults back to the top alignment.  Is there anyway I can get my configuration to stay, or do I have to fix it each time I reboot.



If you have two sound devices you can.  If the program lets you select the sound device then its easy.  Most programs just use the default sound device though.  I have open ear headphones so I'd game on them and use the speakers to push music so that way it didn't interfere with gaming much.

 To do this, i'd launch itunes and hit play, then change my default sound device to headphones and launch the game.



Thanks for the great article!

BTW, Actual Multiple Monitors 2.0 has some unique features not mentioned in its description but they may appear useful to readers:

  • Start button, system notification area (tray) and the clock on each additional taskbar
  • main Taskbar toolbars (like Quick Launch, Desktop, Windows Media Player, etc.) on each additional taskbar
  • the Alt-Tab Task Switcher window cloned onto all secondary displays
  • manual reordering of taskbar buttons and system tray icons (both in the primary and secondary taskbars)

For those who looks for more functionality than decorations, AMM 2.0 appears to be the best choice for its price.



Is there a way two have a movie running on my tv from my pc while i'm play mass effect with separate without hearing both? Headphones for the game and my surround set up for the movie.



this is my theory, but i think the only way you can have it so that your tv/movie and game would have separate sounds is if you have two sound cards, I used to do triple screen gaming, and I had a creative audigy sound card plugged in and also have my motherboard 7.1 sound. I used to play games with headphones on connected to the creative sound card and I had my 5.1 speakers hooked up to my motherboard sound card. So i would be hearing the game through headphones and hearing the music or watever I had playing through the speakers.


Also to the topic

I used to use triplehead2go untill a couple months ago when i decided not to use triplescreen gaming. the hardware works well also I would recommend the site http://widescreengamingforum.com/ Since it has a excellent community and mainly games are supported through the help of the community, i recommend going to that site for information on triplescreen gaming



Great Job !!! this might keep the msg's and email traffic at a reasonable level, yeah... right...

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