Lian Li PC-777 Memorial Edition

Lian Li PC-777 Memorial Edition

LianLi_PC777.jpgWe were initially taken aback by the PC-777’s unusual snail-shell design—an aluminum representation of Lian Li’s corporate logo. But we have to admit that it’s grown on us, especially the black version, which we reviewed (silver is also an option). Regardless of where you stand on its looks, this case is another outstanding creation from Lian Li, offering a roomy interior, silent cooling, and exquisite craftsmanship.

At a whopping 25-inches tall, the PC-777 is frickin’ mammoth. (Senior Editor Gordon Ung calls it “old-school huge.”) Despite its all-aluminum construction, the case feels very sturdy and stout. You can glimpse your PC’s innards through the case’s mesh side doors, which greatly aid ventilation. A single thumbscrew holds each door in place, so you can get at your hardware in mere seconds. The required USB, FireWire, and audio ports are located on the top edge of the case’s bezel.

In a case this big, we’d expect plenty of room for all our hardware, and that’s exactly what we got. A side-facing cage holds up to six hard drives. Each drive slides into its bay easily and is locked into place with small tabs. Above the hard drives are six 5.25-inch bays, suitable for optical drives. (The case even includes a black cover for the upper-most drive so your beige DVD burner won’t sully your slick rig.) There’s a silent 12cm intake fan in front of the hard drive bay, and another silent 12cm exhaust fan. While the cooling is adequate, an emphasis on quiet operation minimizes the amount of air moving inside the chassis. If you’re going to use water-cooling in this case, you’ll need to make provisions for more airflow.

All in all, the snail is one hell of an enclosure. It’s Lian Li quality all around—stylish, functional, quiet, and well-made.

Month Reviewed: May 2006

+ ESCARGOT: Exotic, huge, and quiet.

- ESCAROLE: The fans are quiet, but they don't move much air.





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