Ken Kirby's Super Bee


Ken Kirby's Super Bee

Ken Kirby might not know much about cars, but there’s no denying that he’s got quite a handle on case modding. He designed the Super Bee rig as a gift for his in-laws to replace their aging 700MHz Windows 98 machine.

Ken chose the Super Bee theme to appeal to his father-in-law’s love of cars, especially Dodge muscle cars. The entire project was a breeze to complete, save for a few minor issues: Ken had a bit of trouble designing the top of the air filter on his processor’s fan, and when he first fired up his rig, nothing happened­—his motherboard was completely shot.

One quick trip to the computer store solved the problem, and soon enough the Super Bee was up and running.


Yeah, that's a big picture. And rightfully so.



Instead of a 426 Hemi, this Super Bee rocks an Athlon X2 3800+ processor, 1GB of Corsair RAM, and a GeForce FX 6600.



Ken acquired the customized parts for the case right off of ebay, including the Super Bee's hood logo and fender "bee."



Ken started with a green Aspire X-Discovery case andused flat-black highlights to mimic a real car's look!


For his winning entry, Ken wins a $250 gift certificate to fund his modding madness!




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Man I love the gauges! Looking all over for a fan controller like these. Do I just have to make my own needle gauge myself? Ordoes anyone know of a pre made model. Analog looks great.. Great Job man



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