January 2006

January 2006

Jan06_Cover.jpgHere's what you'll find in the "It's-the-hardware-stupid" issue of Maximum PC, on newsstands now!

With a powerful blow from our Blade of Benchmarks, Maximum PC cuts through the tough decisions PC power-users face, like a hot knife through buttah! AMD or Intel? Revealed! ATI or nVidia? Clocked! Hitachi or Western Digital? The truth at last! We back up our endorsements with the hard numbers, so you can spend more time building and playing and less time shopping and praying.

Whether you're a professional or an, ahem, "amateur," these six digital video cameras are about more than megapixels. We explore and explain every feature, and show you what you can get for some extra cash in a "prosumer" DV cam.

THE $300 PC!
Just what kind of PC can you build for 300 bucks? You'll see next month!



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