It's TV! It's Internet! It Works!

It's TV! It's Internet! It Works!

Windows Media Center's always been a convergence technology, erasing the once bright lines separating music, photography, video, and TV. With the launch of the Internet TV beta program for Vista's Windows Media Center, even the delivery mechanism's gone through a mashup: instead of using coaxial cable and a TV tuner, Internet TV uses your existing broadband connection and wired or wireless network to bring you TV.

Tuning In and Turning On

As soon as Windows Vista Media Center downloads the update, you will see Internet TV beta appear as one of the options in the TV + Movies menu (if you don't see it right away, go into the Tasks menu, select Settings, General, Automatic Download Options, and click Download).

So, What's On Internet TV?

As of the start date (9-28-07), you can choose from:

- Movie trailers, including current and forthcoming films in theaters and on DVD

- Music, including live in concert recordings, top videos (Bruce Springsteen does the initial honors), the MSN in concert series, and most popular genres from jazz to hip-hop

- Sports, from baseball and football to OJ and hockey

- News, bringing you current stories

- Entertainment, including MSN orginal live action and cartoon TV series, the cult classic Arrested Development (all three seasons), and about a dozen TV channels from HGTV and DIY to Biography and the History Channel, and your favorite shorts from JibJab, iFilm and others

- Top picks in various categories, including a rare Bill Gates/Steve Jobs joint appearance.

In sort, Internet TV beta brings you a well-rounded program collection designed to appeal to just about everyone. And now for the final good is Internet TV?

TV via the Web - Surprisingly Good!

I gave the pilot episode of Arrested Development a viewing through a 54Mbps (more or less) 802.11g wireless connection to my cable modem:

  • Full motion - check.
  • Full screen display - check.
  • Audio/video synchronization - check.
  • Smooth playback (no dropped frames) - check.
  • Acceptable image quality - check (especially from across the room).

Does it rival a DVD? Not really - it's a bit softer (more like broadcast quality), but it's more than good enough for sampling of unfamiliar series, keeping an eye on the news, and so forth.

Your Money's No Good Here

The price? Free! Advertising pays for it, so put your wallet away. Unfortunately, the fact it's ad-supported means it's only for US residents right now.

Adding Internet TV to Vista Media Center brings it even closer to being a truly all-encompassing home entertainment vehicle. And, the ride's free.


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It has commercials just like TV. It's quality is nothing compared to TV. It's nice but hey if I want to watch TV, I'll watch TV. I DVR most of my shows to avoid the commercials; you can't skip them with this... yet.



It requires Vista. So the n Million goofs with back-rev Media Center are Sorry Out of Luck.

It's the right model, with the wrong OS.

And, lambs' sakes, Wolfie: yes! I know it's limited to Vista to make me upgrade. But Vista has so many remaining issues that few of us who both understand MCE and have the money ever would take that risk. Make internet TV work, and kill the extender you fooled me into buying 3 years ago. Great.

Maybe Apple will do this right.

-John Q



MAKE IT IN CANADA MICROSOFT. Intertnet tv sounds great

make me like my copy of vista and bring internet tv to Canada.



That really sucks I hope it comes to Canada soon because the idea of internet TV is great and backed by a resourceful company like Microsoft you could get alot of good programs rivaling satellite.




anyone try this out yet?

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