It's Hard Out There for a Pirate/Medic



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As far as I know there's no feature that lets me reset achievements. I have my longest life as a spy for an hour and 14 minutes because there was some glitch in the server or with the game. It pisses me off everytime I see it while loading, because I'm never going to actually get it that high (and I don't want to).

Anyone know if theres an option to wipe the achievements?



Well, I was excited about the medic weapons, but not anymore. I was pumped when I read about the permanent health double gun and was going to be all over the achievements. Now I guess I'll get them if I get them, the Crit gun is the only thing that I see as being useful. The others are "oh, by the way you got a little extra health/uber-charge by accident cause a spy walked in front of you."

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