Is a Solid State Drive in your future?



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It looks nice on paper, but after hearing about this being such a pricey storage drive, I'm beginning to wonder... Will there ever be any time in the near future when this will actually replace the traditional hard drive that we've seen for years on end? It's an innovative step, but not too sure when we'll see anything like this on a PC build without breaking the bank.



This would be ideal for my desktop rig! The way I have it set up now is with a 74GB Raptor for my games and applications, and twin 750GB drives for my media, photos, etc.

The only reason I figured I needed the 74GB main drive is because I dual-boot XP and Vista; otherwise I would likely get away with a 40GB.

If they can release a 60-80GB drive with similar performance numbers in the near future and keep the price under $1000, I'll be all over it!

Since they're designed for laptops, they'd be easy to keep cool in a desktop rig AND free up some wattage for the black holes they call graphics cards these day



very good news indeed



Seems like a great advance in notebook technology-we've needed an overhaul in the hard drive department for a while now, other than perpendicular technology there hasn't been much to look forward to.

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