iPod Repair Follow-up

iPod Repair Follow-up

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Blue Raven is now offering a one-price/fix-anything iPod repair kit. You buy a $129 empty box at your favorite retailer, drop your broken iPod into the box, and ship it to Blue Raven (UPS shipping in both directions is included in the price). They’ll fix whatever’s ailing your iPod and send it back within three business days.

Having damaged my own iPod while replacing its battery using Blue Raven’s DIY iPod Battery Replacement Kit, I jumped at the opportunity to have the company undo my clumsiness (in all fairness, however, the tools in their kit are crap). I shipped the player out Monday and it came back to me on Thursday with not only a brand-new screen (and a new battery, I presume, since that’s also part of the deal), but a new bezel to replace the one I’d mauled while opening the device to replace its original battery.

One thing I hadn’t thought to do, however, was back up the contents of my iPod, which came back to me wiped clean. That loss is my own fault, but Blue Raven could improve its product offering by reminding its customers that any repairs, particularly a battery replacement, could result in the loss of any data and/or music stored on their iPod.

Aside from that, I have absolutely no complaints about Blue Raven’s service. The company exceeded my expectations by replacing the chipped bezel (which I hadn’t reported on the paperwork I filled out describing what was wrong with it), as well as the more obviously damaged display.

Blue Raven’s service might not be the rock-bottom-cheapest alternative if there’s only one thing wrong with your iPod. You can have its screen replaced at RapidRepair.com for $90, for instance, but you’ll need to provide your own packaging and pay for shipping to their facility. iResQ.com’s screen-replacement service costs $104 and includes shipping. And both of these competing service providers charge extra to replace your iPod’s battery.

Anyone considering repairing their iPod should also consider the cost of replacing it. An iPod Classic with an 80GB hard drive would have cost me $120 more than the cost of repairing my 30GB model, but I would have gained 50GB of storage capacity. For me, repair provided the better value.



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There are far more economical methods for iPod repair other than Blue Raven's flat rate- I had my iPod Video's LCD screen replaced for $65.00 and added a new battery for $20. If your iPod is not severely damaged, it will probably be more economical to send your iPod to a place like www.nftechservices.com.



score master

i used to have a 30 gb ipod until it disapeared. and i ride a motor cycle and after about a week the screen broke from it geting flexed in my pocket. as you can figure this realy made me mad because it was brand new and i knew that apple wouldnt fix it for me. i ended up ordering an lcd screen off of some website but i dont remember what site it was but i got it for about 55$ and instaled it myself. Im prety good with electronics though but for me it was an easy cheap fix and i think people should also think about doing self repairs rather then sending it off.



I would think that if they just switched out the old ipod for a new one, then the computer that you sync your ipod with would not recognize it as allowed devices for playing. Each one has its own internal serial numbers, right? If I hook up my iphone, itunes recognizes it as a specific device. My appletv also has a specific internal number that my pc recognizes as mine. Anyhow, just a thought on the previous comment.



Why would the iPod come back completely wiped clean of data? To me it sounds like they might have replaced your model with a new duplicate purchased at wholesale prices...

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