Internet TV the Adobe Way with Adobe Media Player



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Keith E. Whisman

This has long been my opinion. I spent about $4000 dollars building my gaming PC with SLI and lots of ram.
I spent about $500 dollars on a nice CRT TV and a DVD player and sound system.
I just can't see lowering my PC to a lowly TV. If you want to watch a movie turn on the TV. If you want to browse the web or play games use your $4000dollar computer.
I thought about installing a TV card in my computer for about five seconds ten years ago and that was the end of it.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to make a box that sits on top your TV and connects to your broadband router. It could be shipped with it's own remote control for browsing episodes.



It really doesn't make much sense for users without a Media Center PC or the like, but for us Mobile Users (I.E. University students) IPTV and similar services are a godsend.

Yeah, sure, some of my floor-mates bring in their televisions, but it is so much easier for me to go onto one of these various sites ( for example), switch my display from my laptop to the Dell 2407 my roommate and I share, and enjoy.

The recent shift to high-def streams is impressive, although you only notice it (for instance on Fox's House stream) after the connection has been established and playing for a couple of minutes.

I don't have a tivo, and I really don't have a schedule that I can modify around show-times.

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