Intel Rolls Out Third-Generation SSD 320 Series in Capacities Up to 600GB



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Bullwinkle J Moose

Using the same controller as the G2 so its OS agnostic and needs no partition offset for XP users

So if and untill OCZ adds the offset to the Indilynx, this is still the best option for XP users




Yup. I always wonder when people worry too much about an SSD's lifespan. With the manufacture ratings in multi-millions of hours, most PC enthusiasts will upgrade well before the 'write limit' has an effect on the drive. And with no moving parts, I'd hazard to guess that most SSDs will outlive mechanical drives. Sure, the SSD might start to 'shrink' as blocks become corrupt, but you can still access it. When a mechanical drive stops spinning, the data is still perfectly sound, but completely out of reach unless you're willing to spend for professional recovery.

And, on a different point. SATA II!? ... Derr-huh? Seems like a strange choice for a 'next gen' SSD.



Someone asked yesterday if I was over-taxing my SSD with numerous write operations. News like this makes me forget about that.

Its time for an upgrade. :D

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