Intel and Nvidia's Secret War



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Been an argument for a while really. Now it's time to play harder ballgames if there is such a thing. Totally nix nVidia from the Intel line...just cut them out and let them play with ATI. They'll adapt to consumers or just fade out.

Hate nVidia's PR replies as well as about everything they fire out with. Just read that reply and think about it: "SLI is not just plugging in two boards; that’s not what SLI is. Crossfire may be that but we view SLI as the experience and the brand". Really? Nothing technical, but an emotion. That's what SLI is Little fluffy bunnies powers SLI.

Any hope for solving nVidia's Licensing ending amicably stopped when they started firing volleys that CPU's are useless, and the other drool about how Intel sucks. That's bad PR (trolling) and they know it. So, they're not making sense. They don't like CPU's and think they're the work of the devil, but want a chipset for Nehalem? They're just too ironic.

And if anyone is seeing the future of nVidia cards, you start to grasp this isn't just about graphics and SLI, but nVidia to make chipsets that support Intel procs. It's not pretty from all we've been shown on the 280GTX. This would be a good time for many to open up to the other side, as it's a great product. It'd be more clear if we'd not see ATI's constant low percent losses in Frame Rates, look at growth potential in the architecture, and actual down sides to having nVidia cards in the first place. I guess wait for the HD4870 and these things should be easier to see...nVidia is more of the same ol' same ol'.



So much for the PC Gaming Hardware Alliance!!!



True enough nvidia is trying to sell its platform, but to artificially limit SLI to just work on its chipsets has always pissed me off. They can make the claim that there is special sauce in the nforce chipsets all they want, however I don't believe them.

I've owned nvidia based boards in the past and after getting bit by the data corruption issue twice now, I just can't see myself going back anytime soon. Besides, intel chipsets have always OC's better, ran cooler, and are generally a more stable platform to work with.

Although I'm not the guy to buy into the SLI hype anymore, it would be nice to have the option to use it without having to buy a new board to do so



....yea this does suck. I'm just gonna get the QX6850 and stick with my 8800GTS and hold out and see what happens. I like the idea of SLI but my 8800GTS is fine for everything but Crysis at 1680 x 1050. I am looking forward to see if Intel really can get into the GPU market.



w00t best pun ever: "..with OEMs and enthusiasts caught in the crossfire."



I agree with vistageek, this really hurts bad because intel goes really well with Nvidia. They should really try to Work it out.If they start shipping out the Nehalem CPU's without any SLI support it wouldn't be cool at all. And that really burns the question in whether the GPU is important or the CPU.



It seems to me that they both need to take steps to protect their interests. Intel already seems to be taking those steps. In order for a company to grow, you have to shed your reliance on outside influences. Intel may not always be able to rely on Nvidia to create a Chipset for them. It would make more sense for them to learn this for themselves. Nvidia needs to swallow some pride if they're going to remain a GPU only driven company. That's the way things work. If you're a Manufacturer of Tires, and everyone else is making wheels a different size, you have to Work with the car manufacturer and adjust your size. The only other option is to Manufacture your own Wheels (Or CPUs as the case may be). In the Beginning, this will be kinda rough on the Intel Crowd, but it will ultimately turn out as a Boon for the Consumer. A Solution will have to occur. That solution will be What the consumer wants because we'll vote with our wallets, and that's what will make the companies involved money.



This is not the first time nor will it be the last. The all-mighty dollar seems to be the only way to win. When the companies find that they are losing money because we are smart enough to just say no, they have to bend and flex to their market. If Intel and nVidia are not willing to play nice in the sandbox then I will just buy AMD with an ATI solution. The other side of this is do I really need to buy at all or can I just wait it out. Actually, for me I have no need for SLI so I am unaffected by all of this. However, my customers are so my reccomendations are based on whatever solution is availible at the time.



you want top performance with Nehalem, then you will use two ATI/AMD gpus.

you want top performance with Nvidia gpus, use AMD processors! (which will do the job for computing).

a win win situation for AMD



Am I going to have to educate myself with AMD and ATI tech now?

Like a civil war. :O



Don't worry man. I started asking myself the same question when i saw the article.



Awsome comic series especially being the one where spidey got his symbiant suit and for the kiddies Mr. fantastic is the one that gets the symbiant off with a sonic gun.


Keith E. Whisman

What side do you choose when you love both companies? Nvidia grow up and unlock SLI on Intel boards. Intel grow up and let Nvidia make chipsets for Nahelem CPU's. God this is like my son and daughter.



I am really pissed....I love nVidia and Intel...Maybe I will have to change to AMD/ATI. however, that would also be painful. This sucks.

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