HP Mini-Note 2133



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dovid t

honestly how many people are going to use this machine? outside japan. in the us? not many. just get a notebook. though it is pretty cool.



Asus sold over 350,000 eee pc's by december of last year.

These ultra light weight and smaller computers are not for everyone, and they aren't meant to be desktop replacements, but they do fill an important niche. I, for one, commute to NYC every day with a briefcase that weighs around 10 pounds: lunch, a radio, change of clothes, water, a book, a magazine, an mp3 player, and paper files, plus a load of other crap. Adding a 6 lb notebook to the mix isn't acceptable. Adding 2lbs is. Plus, an Asus Eee costs $350! Thats $200 less than the cheapest notebooks I could find.



I am delighted to see that this system has a usable keyboard. I used a Toshiba Libretto 50 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libretto_(notebook)) back in the mid-90's. Its keyboard was so tiny that the only way I could use it without ruining my hands was to connect a standard-sized keyboard (feasible only because I was traveling the country teaching computer troubleshooting and had two suitcases full of desktop PC parts, including keyboards).

Although it's easier than it once was to find public access PCs at libraries and hotels, I'd rather bring my own than trust that the public access systems are a) available and b) working.

This unit and its rivals will fill the need for road connectivity - and those who need full power will just need to develop better shoulder muscles or bring along a rolling laptop bag.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



If you guys (MaxPC) ever happen to do a review on it, can you mention whether or not it can boot from USB-CDROM and such? Like, is it possible to install other OSes on it? Thanks.

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