HP Blackbird 002



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I will buy it from you or at least the case... thats all i want haha cant find one anywhere haha!!!!



Hey Murph,

Thinking about picking up this rig to replace my old Alienware workstation as it's just too damned noisy for recording or gaming for that matter. Sounds like a blow dryer under my desk.

Wondering how the Blackbird fared on the noise front? (and would like to 'hear' you guys expound on this factor on future system reviews)

Is this system - specifically the liquid cooled version - quiet enough to use as a home studio rig - and to also game without need to crank just to get the audio over the 'noise floor.





I just got a new Blackbird and I hate to say it because I always seem to read such good things about the Blackbird but this is absolutely the noisiest PC I have ever had. I thought that liquid cooling would mean silence but this thing also has 3 fans and the noise is very loud and irritating. It's like some industrial equipment. If my wife speaks or yells to me from the other room I now have to leave my office and ask her to repeat.

It also always takes several attempts to start due to the blue screen of death....always, even after it just goes to sleep. I have owned many computers since 1993 and been given many at work. This is by far the worst as far as problems go. I wish I had XP on it and I am thinking of attempting a dual boot configuration but I have never done that and am afraid would screw it up. Plus HP just told me that they would not support that so I assume that means it would void the warrantee.

Also it seems that every piece of hardware I try to hook up whether it be a camera, microphone or whatever is incompatible. I hate Vista and I see no use for it except that it looks cool and gives MS something new to sell. It is a super resource hog and was obviously not ready to go public.



I find that WNR (Would Not Run) seems to be considered a minor issue in rating a system. It seems to me that a system that can not run a benchmark, that an older system can, leaves a lot to be desired. Is there any attempt to determine why it WNR. In the case of the Blackbird, is it the multi-core or video cards causing the problem? Has any maker of such a system responed to the WNR?



If you've been keeping track of the latest MPC system reviews, you'll note that most, if not all systems toss up a WNR for SysMark. The benchmarking is simply unstable as all get-out. If it runs, it's a great measurement... but that's a pretty big if.

I believe we'll have this corrected when the new benchmarks start rolling out.



I agree with the first poster, Vista is here like it or not, and all new machines should come with it.

Gaming performance with Nvidia's new drivers is just a tad behind XP.

I am just saddened that HP sent an ATI unit. All the pre-configured units on the site have Nvidia. The Nvidia systems were setting records on other sites.

The amazing technology here, the very new approach in design, and the open ended system coming from a Tier 1 OEM should rate it at least an 8.



We rate 'em how they come in, netsez, not on available options. There's a lot to love about the Blackbird - its build quality and looks are absolutely unprecedented. But I still prefer XP for gaming, even if it means foregoing DX10 support for now. Vista IS the wave of the future, there's no denying it, but at present XP is still the best for gaming.

I don't fault HP for shipping with Vista, but I do fault them for NOT shipping with XP. A dual-boot would have been just the ticket.



Your prefernce for XP seems to go against your mags new lead article about DX 10 games.

Still, we are talking just a few fps difference on some games, and the Blackbird is so revolutionary in so many other ways I thought it deserved an 8.

Edit: But I respect your call!



I'm suprised that you guys are suprised by vista being installed on your test system. Of course HP is going to put the latest OS on a system that's going out for review. I can say with confidence that most outlets would ding the score for having XP installed instead of Vista.
What does suprise me is that there are so many configurations for this system. It seems everyone has diffrent hardware in the ones they are sent. Most I have seen score higher on the benchmarks than the ones sent to MPC and have 8800s installed instead of Radeons.



Really? I think that it was right of MPC to ding them for putting something on a system that knowingly hampers its performance, especially considering this comps intended audience. Also, these reviews are serious business; they should know that MPC doesn't base scores off of shininess, but rather functionality and performance. I think that they sent one in with Radeons to show off its tweaked nforce chip set.

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