How-To: Use the Local Group Policy Editor to Tweak Windows



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 When I got to open gpedit.msc it opens with the wrong path and gives me this big ole error box!  In the path it uses the old command (starts with an S) and I realized after 2 years I had been ignoring it and therefore eventually crashing!  Can you tell me how to change the path?

 (%windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb)  I don't know how to change this and if I do does gpedit.msc have a database?

This is very tricky.

Thank you!-Sleeper




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One of the most useful things I use gpedit for is logon and logoff scripts.
Quick and easy way to do it:

  1. Start.
  2. Run.
  3. gpedit.msc
  4. User Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts (logon/logoff)

It's pretty self explanatory after that.  I run some scripted backups using this method.


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Un-doing group policy settings is easy, here's how:

 Just delete all files in C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy



There are multiple free programs online that allow you to customize your Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper



That is the fastest free way to do it.  It even makes the image compliant with the 245kB size requirement without requiring anything more from the user than a simple button click.

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