How-To: Speed Up, Customize, and Secure Firefox, Chrome, IE8, and Opera



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I have been using dll file extension for a while now and I had no problems with the , like some are saying and it helped me to improve my windows and I have installed some great programs .



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Thanks for all your replies regarding this speedypc issue. Everybody certainly needs a faster computer. Some users may be okay with the tips and advice on this article, but there are also others who may find it erroneous. I was not so sure if WOT is actually safe, so I am still waiting for more replies on this thread.




Stry8993 can find help here


Why A Duck

When I first installed IE8, it would take 5-10 seconds to start, and then 5-10 additional seconds for each new tab. Page rendering was hella fast, but the startup delay made me mad.

Finally figured it out after much Googling. If you have let SpyBot (or similar) "immunize" IE, it adds 10,000+ sites to IE's restricted site list. IE7 was cool with that, but IE8 ... not so much. After I undid SpyBots immunization and then redid it with everything but IE's domain and resitricted domain boxes checked, IE8 worked like a champ.

I don't like having to undo SpyBot's protection, but hopefully IE's built-in SmartScreen filter (or WOT) will mitigate this risk.



Need to add, disabling the auto complete and the feed seemed to make my newly installed IE works faster,

has anyone tried and felt the same thing?

I dont want to mess around further than this since anything beyond this point is irreversible, definitely dont wanna spent another 6 hours sitting on my chair to format, install and download all the windows update, flash player & java update for my vista, huh... 



I tried the IE8 tweak exactly just as decribed, and the result is quite dissapointing in my opinion.

I dont know maybe it's just me but it seemed that IE8 after the tweak is slower than IE7. I had to reformat my windows and reinstall it all over again. :(



WOW. I don't think you did it right.



Thank you, Josh, for recommending WOT to the readers of Maximum PC. I just wanted to clarify the statement about user ratings.

Our system is based on the assumption that not all users are equally reliable. New users are not very reliable, but over time their reliability increases and their ratings have more weight. Because of this, a previously unrated site will not be influenced by a single new user’s rating. And ratings may change over time and in some cases move to unrated again. This is because the confidence in the ratings falls below the visible threshold. You can see more on our blog about these two things at and

Safe surfing,
Web of Trust



Reader beware: This article is full of terrible advice for IE users and it's not clear that the author did any real research.

 1> IE8 uses 6 connections by default, not two.  This has been true for over a year, and is documented on the IE team blog.  Increasing the limit beyond 6 can result in SLOWER performance.

2> SmartScreen is significantly more effective than competitive anti-phishing/anti-malware solutions, and the claim that it "slows down browsing" is unfounded; URL reputation checks happen in a different thread and in parallel; they are non-blocking.  

The idea that WOT is safe "because" it requires two votes is simply absurd.

3> Claiming that RSS support slows down browsing is also incorrect; RSS feeds aren't checked by the browser, they're checked by the Windows Feeds platform on a schedule.  The browser does not block on synchronization.

4> Re-registering actxprxy.dll on Vista does nothing at best and is harmful at worst.

5> Disabling autocomplete is a great way to make your browser annoying and slow you down on the web.  Anyone with physical or admin access to your computer can abuse you in other ways.



1. The two connection limit was a typo. Thanks for catching that.

2. It does slow down browsing, at least it did on my connection. WOT takes more than two users to rate a site as safe.

3. Turning off feed checking sped up my browser. Not all of the tweaks mentioned are going to have the same desired affect.

4. The tweak is not harmful. It just re-register's a dll. It doesn't delete or modify anything. As mentioned, it may not speed up your computer. The tests were done a Windows Vista and Windows 7 computer. 

5. Autocomplete stores information about you in plain text format. That seems unsafe to me. To each their own I guess. 



Can anyone at MaxPC answer to this comment? I'd like to know before I try any of these.

Thanks :)



 I just downloaded the NASA night launch theme and expected Google's main page to be black just like the one in the picture. What am i doing wrong? I like dark themes coz it seems to delay the dimming effect of my dying CRT.


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



No Script has been most of the time a big pain in the ass for me. It cripples most of the pages.

It´s probably a good idea for those "dangerous" pages one visits every once in a while. But for everyday browsing is just overkill.



Everyone with Firefox should install NoScript.  It will keep your system safe from everything except a directed/targeted attack by a hacker.  This is a no brainer.

Another added benefit to NoScript is that it blocks the Digg Bar!  That rocks!  You can keep the Digg Bar from getting in the way of everyday surfing and you will continue to see the actual URL when you surf.  Otherwise you do no tknow where you are headed and what site has just been loaded in your browser.



Just click on the NoScript icon in FF and set it to allow every webpage that you navigate to and you have deemed to be safe/legit and you'll never be bothered by it while it sits in the background keeping you safe. There are several websites I visit where NoScript is allowing the page to work just fine, but it has disabled code from places like "" and "" which are mostly for information gathering/advertisements and even though Ad-Block Plus keeps you from seeing them, the code would still be running without NoScript.



I actually don't find IE8 that much slower than FF3, to the point where there is no real advantage of FF3, except maybe for firebug.  Chrome just "aw snaps" every 2 seconds, so I uninstalled that with prejudice (although it is quite fast when it deigns to work), and I'm still playing around with Opera (which seems pretty good, though not compatible with some sites (or vice versa)).



i find that speed dial isn't as great as fast dial, i find with Firefox 3.x that speed dial seems to cause issues, id suggest using fast dial instead, it looks exactly the same but runs faster and is more customizable

link to fast dial



Lets keep in mind how many more bugs are in Firefox compared to IE. Plus, Microsoft is a bigger company and can delegate more resources to finding problems than Mozilla can. Mozilla even has on their website a claim about how much better Firefox is, by using a study from 2006!!! Come on. Stop the Fanboyism and stop following orders without significant thought.



I find the pure self defeating irony in your post too powerful to take in in a single reading.  Take your IE8 love elsewhere MS fanboy troll.  This website's patrons are firefox users exactly because we do discriminate in choice of software, substandard though ubiquitous browsers need not apply.



It's the NASA Night Launch Theme:



"The newest version of the once dominant Internet Explorer is a quantum leap above previous buggy versions, but remains slow."

People seem to forget that "quantum" doesn't mean huge.  :D  In this case, though, it still fits!  Internet Explorer is horrible (in my opinion).



Please link or say, looks shnazzy.

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