How-To: Properly Apply Thermal Paste and Install a CPU



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Just a quick question, what about the heatsinks with the exposed heat pipes? I.e. COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 is there any special consideration to be taken with these as there is a chance to have some of the thermal paste being sucked in-between the base and the pipes? It's just something I was considering now that I’m looking at building a new rig and knowing the 212 is your new best of the best in air cooling (even though the website hasn't updated it yet). I personally don't even know if that possible but it seems like it could happen knowing my luck lol.



Yes there is a special consideration. Go to Benchmark Reviews and make a search on "applying thermal compound". The pea or BB method does not give very convincing results with these types of heatsinks. It seems the 2 lines method works much better. Take a look.



Yes, I was wondering if I had done it the right way. At full load, using this CM 212+ I only get -15°C differences compare to the stock cooler.



I usually use the "bb-gun/rice grain in the middle" approach but for my CM Hyper 212 Plus, I applied a layer of AS5 on both the CPU heat spreader and the 4 exposed copper pipes making sure the layers are thin by scraping off excess paste with a razor blade.

This approach makes sure the paste gets into the exposed copper pipes and not trapped in the area between the pipes.



I was just wondering the same thing.



i did some lines of paste along the grooves of the pipes on the bottom, then some extra on the cpu itself.

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