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Early last year, after reading this article in my magazine, I downloaded and installed foobar, and have enjoyed it ever since.  I'm having a bit of trouble, though, that I can't figure out.  For songs I've purchased through iTunes, the album artwork appears in foobar, but for all the other albums I've imported, the artwork doesn't appear.  Would someone mind explaining where in foobar I go to get this squared away?  Thanks.




This is how my music player history has gone since about 1999:

  1. Winamp (99 - 2010)
  2. Songbird
  3. Winamp
  4. Mediamonkey (ugh)
  5. Songbird

And once again I'm ready to rip Songbird apart in sheer rage. It may have something to do with my library size, but since the update SongBird is absolutely useless and confused.

FooBar has been installed  on my PC for a long time and I've only used it for converting flac to mp3 for portable use. Today it gets promoted as my main media playe since I never seem to have problems with it. I shall reference this article when I make the change.



Even though I'm just seeing this month-old article now I must say it's quite timely. I just finished ripping my 1100+ CD library to FLAC in preparation for a Squeezebox Touch. DL'd Foobar in order to do some playback checks and despite it being reasonably good it is a bear to get familiar with it's intricacies. Thanks!



This magazine has gone DOWN HILL


The quality of writing is horrible. 



That was sooo informative Szore !! Thank You . Please comment again to display the breadth and depth of your incredible insight on Tech and literature!!Thank You Jarol for your understanding of Foobaar and  some really great tips. That I can use !s



I'm a big time Media Monkey fan, but I must give praise to your fine selection of music there.... :-)



Panels ui is no longer supprted by foobar. You have to use default ui or columns ui. That been said complex skins are usually made on columns ui.



I use Winamp since I got DFX for it on my HTPC (through surround system)

Otherwise I use foobar on other desktop stations.



I use it on Windows Media Player 12 for Win 7, but I've been thinking of making the move back to WinAmp. I just can't listen to music on my computer without DFX Audio Enhancer anymore, it just sounds so... dull without it.



I've been using MM for some yrs now and absolutly love it. it syncs to ANY device i use it for my ipod,BlackBerry, Portable drives. it does everything you stated here for FooBar except the UPNP, so i might have to try foobar to stream(i'm currently using DAAP on my nas)



Nice guide, but lets add some more to it to ring in some more users!

 For starters, I've always been using foobar since WinAmp started adding junk I never needed (video playback? what?). I found foobar to be the most customizable program I've ever used. I went all the way to making my own skins, but after a while, adding things just added bloat. So first thing I must say is this: DO NOT BLOAT THE SOFTWARE. The thing can easily run up to 100mb whereas when you first run it it only takes up a measely 12 mb. I highly recommend AGAINST custom skins. They are pretty, but they actually slow down the software and cause crashes and other harsh things down the line. The new (v1.0) interface comes customizable by default. Change the colors, they layout, and the compenents the way you want.

 Anyway here is a list of things I highly suggest:

  •  Windows 7 Users - foo_w7shell - This adds win7 support in the taskbar. Has functionality to play, pause, change tracks, and even seek a current song. It also displays the current album art if you hae it.
  • Got an iPod Touch or iPhone? - foo_touchremote + remote app (made by apple in app store) - This allows you to control foobar with your touch/iphone as long as they are in the same network! It looks and feels like you are controlling the music on your touch/iphone, complete with music search, playlist listing, album arts, volume, and seek control. Just one thing. Don't press shuffle! It crashes foobar. Other than that little quirk, it works great!
  • Want an alarm clock? -foo_scheduler - Add times and create tasks for foobar to perform. I currently have my foobar setup as an alarm clock for example. It handles recurring schedules and can do a series of tasks you assign to that time.
  • Got 5.1/7.1 surround? - foo_channel_mixer - This thing beats a lot of crappy software driven "surround" sound mixers that come with soundcards/codecs. Its lightweight and hardly slows down your system. Very customizable and works best in default settings for the most part.
  • Need to fix the tags on your music? -foo_masstagger - This thing does the same thing as most competent tagging software does, only its built into foobar. Only downside is it takes some setup to make use, but once you understand it, its probably the most powerful thing in foobar.
  • Got a Wii, PS3, 360, or other device (even touch/iphones!)? - foo_upnp - This thing is the end all be all of server that gets built into foobar. This can stream your music to your console and even over the internet! For example, you can have your foobar on your home computer and foobar at work. The foobar at work connects to your home's and you then have access to all your music! Even better, you can stream music to your ipod touch or iphone using streaming apps (though I don't recommend it). If connecting for your console, it acts like a media center, giving access to your music and even movies for your console to play. Careful though, this thing can bloat your program's ram usage.

There is much much more. But the above for me is what I use nearly every single day. Everything else is extra (besides the multitudes of format components for lossless music). Again I must say, keep it simple. The program doesn't need to be fancy to be powerful.

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