How-To: Keep Your Files Secure



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How about using ADS NTFS?



How about using ADS NTFS?



an easier way to that and offline (plus if you are on the road and don't have a cell card in your laptop, minus if not done in windows because the command is in windows (possibly linux, untried and will post a comment if it works.)

Step 0: install <a href="">7-zip</a>.

Step 1: encrypt files in passworded zip file.

Step 2: have the zip file you made in the last step and a picture to mask the data in the same folder.

Step 3: in the command prompt(cmd.exe)

         Step 3 a: cd (folder from step 2)

         Step 3 b: COPY /B [your zip file] + [your image] [new image file name]

does not have to be an image, could be anything.




Thanks for the info how to embed the two files, but how would you seperate teh two to access the hiden file?



I personally like to make a folder and fill it up with a bunch of truecrypt volumes. One has the sensitive information, the rest are just videos of never gonna give you up


score master

you could just use 7zip or winrar to make an archive, put a password on it, then hide it inside a photo.


if you make both then go into the command prompt, then enter the location of both into the prompt:


 copy /b image.jpg+archive.7z newimage.jpg


so if i were puting an archive called  bill.7z into a picture titled office.jpg and i wanted it to have work.jpg as the name, it would be:

 copy /b office.jpg+bill.7z work.jpg

 i should also add that it depends on where you have them saved also, because you have to have the cmd promp in the same dirrectory if not the eases thing to do is move them there


you can also do it  in mac osx or linix witht he text

cat image.jpg archive.z7 > newimage.jpg



 Uhm yeah, I have gone swimming with SD cards and they still worked! My girlfriend even accidentally washed my playstation memory card like three times. And, both still work to this day!

In the hands of a master, any object can become a field improvised, lethal weapon.



I'm a big fan of Axe Crypt.

Open source, free, and allows you to send excrypted .exe files as easily as creating a .zip archive by right clicking selected files. It uses AES and is a perfect, lightweight solution.



could you go as far as encrypting a .rar file within a image, and then encrypting the image within the truecrpyt drive, and then putting the truecrypt drive within an image file?



truecrypt is a damn fine application



True Crypt!





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It's also worth pointing out that industrial strength filesystem encryption is built right into Linux 2.6 kernels. If you don't set up your crypttab for automatic "ask for the key and then mount," then the only way someone is going to locate the data is to hunt around the hard disk and find the LUKS partition or the LUKS image file.

You can encrypt your entire root filesystem and encrypt your swap space, which pretty much handles the problem of leaving unencrypted traces of your data.

BTW - does anyone out there trust Bitlocker?




How about you put your sensative info on a key disk and put it in your pocket?! lol.



But will you have 24/7 eyes and ears on that drive? Will you go swimming with it?

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