How-To: Install Ubuntu and Linux Apps on Your PlayStation 3



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I installed unbutu , then the black screen came up and said it may be corrupted and to use rescue cd.



Ok, a few comments on your issues:

 1) To the people freaking out about their password "not typing," it actually is.  Security at the bootloader, shell, or terminal won't even display stars when you're typing the password.  It is being entered, though, trust me.

2) For those of you using the installer from this article, the version of Ubuntu being installed is a server edition, meaning the GUI is not automatically installed.  To install it (after the disk install is complete), log in with your username and password at the terminal prompt.  You'll see a prompt that looks like:

username@hostname:~$ _

At this prompt, type the following:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Enter your password when prompted, agree to the download and install (it takes about 2 gigs of space), and let it do its thing for a few hours.  When it is complete, type the following command to restart the PS3:

sudo shutdown -r 0

When the PS3 restarts, hit Enter when kboot prompts you to do so, then it should boot into the GUI on its own.  If not, type the following at the prompt:


3) The first thing you'll want to do when you boot into the desktop is update Ubuntu.  Install all 70-some updates but DO NOT install version 9.04!  It will NOT work with the PS3 and WILL ruin your installation.

4) Make sure to shut down Ubuntu properly from either the desktop or the terminal (with sudo shutdown -h 0).  If not, the next time you boot you will likely get an error in kboot saying the rootfs cannot be found.  If this happens, shutdown the PS3, cut power, reapply power, and start it back up and it should be ok.

Hopefully this helps some people out.



I have followed all the instructions but when the OS tells you to take out the cd then there is the black part from the begining and it will ask you the host ubuntu username and password and when you write the username but when it asks you the password you try to write and it dosen't write!!





I've followed all the instructions here and i was able to install ubuntu on my ps3.

The problem is that now i cannot go back to the ps3 menu... When i turn the ps3 on, it boots UBUNTU directly...

How can i bring my ps3 back to life???


Thanks in advance!





In case you missed it: to boot back into XMB, shut down the PS3 from within Ubuntu. Once the console has powered off completely, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until you hear a second beep. Release the power button and you'll be forwarded to the PS3's primary OS.

Conversely, to load up Ubuntu, just follow the prior instructions on changing the PS3 default OS, and then hit 'Enter' after the text screen loads.

Right from the article... 



Touting the PS3 as a fully functional PC is a bit of a stretch. Installing Ubuntu is easy enough, but getting it to a "usable" state is difficult and may be impossible for those who don't have much Linux experience. Also, the PS3 doesn't have enough ram to support any type of functional speed compared to even an older PC you could buy online for $150-$200. If you want an Ubuntu box, skip the PS3 and buy or build yourself something cheap with at least a gig of ram. It would work much better.


Alex Silver

Does the remote still work?



HAs anyone heard of Boxee installing and working on PS3


Pentium 0

I tries this last month and despite hours of work, wireless refused to work whatsoever.  The box was greyed out for it. I dont even have encyrption.  It worked on Yellow Dog but that distro is crap.  I just gave up.



I installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my PS3 a few months back and I want everyone to know it's not worth the effort.  Here's why:

-Because the PS3 requires the PPC distro of Ubuntu, many popular apps and tools aren't available - at least not in a recent version.  You'll have to add sources to even find a lot of them.

-The MaxPC article doesn't bother to mention that Ubuntu on the PS3 runs like garbage.  They also don't mention that you can optimize Ubuntu to some extent (i.e. stop certain services from loading), but even with these tweaks it'll still run like crap.

-Good luck getting a Flash player to work - that means no Youtube,, etc.  It's because Adobe doesn't make a Flash player for PPC based systems and the alternatives are weak at best.  After hours of toil I got one to work but it's slow and buggy.

Honstely, I was really disappointed with Ubuntu on PS3.  It's so slow and limited that I can't really see the point.  I think every "how to run Linux on PS3" article should have a big fat disclaimer on the top that says "Prepare to spend a day or two setting it up, and it'll still run like crap".



What are the functional limitations of using Ubuntu on the PS3? I read a while ago that VLC wouldn't play high def videos on a PS3. Is that still true?



Thanks for the article - I've been trying to decide if i *need* a PS3 and the fact that getting it to run Linux is so easy is helping to seal the deal.

Once small error (I think?), you said "Gnome goes for a cleaner look and a more sparse desktop approach,
catered more for the typical user. XFCE shoots more for the higher-end
minutia detail-driven crowd" but I think that's flipped.

In my experience at least XFCE is the super clean, super sparse desktop and Gnome the one with more eye candy. 

Thanks for the article!



Just to be clear, if I were to do this, I could still play the very few games I play on it just like normal?



Yes, you can still play games on your PS3 after installing Ubuntu like normal. But remember to back up your saved games first. This process does NOT delete XMB, it simply dual-boots between the PS3's native OS and the new Ubuntu partition.



Gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

Off to Newegg now to grab a larger HDD :D 



 Actually, a 7200rpm drive will work in the PS3. I've got a Seagate 160GB 7200RPM SATAII drive installed in my PS3 and it runs like a charm. There has been a bit of a decrease in load times, save times, access times. There is a little more warmth, but meh.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Just wanted to clear up...its a 5,400 rpm drive not 5,200 as typed in the article.



I've heard mixed results on using 7,200 rpm drives, so I chose to ere on the side of caution. I also used a 7,200 rpm drive with success, but I would caution people that it's a gamble...



this is pretty cool, makes me actually want to buy PS3.  I wish i could triple boot it, Linux, windows 7, and the PS3 OS whatever its called :)


I would also like to dual boot linux on a 360.  Is that possible?  Well i am off to google to find out.



Not to say that booting Windows 7 on a PS3 wouldn't be bad ass, 'cause it would be, unfortunately the PS3 uses a PowerPC proc and as of right now, I'm pretty sure there is not a PowerPC compiled version of Windows 7 in the wild. Yet...(Muhahahahahaha...ha...ha...h..a).


XBOX360, No idea. It must be possible. Um, yes Google? I'll be right there...



it is possible but it requires more hacking to get it done, since this was a designed feature for the PS3 its a shame though that its still only limited to 10gb I thought they would have patched it to allow more room by now



Check out too for installing apps:

Along with



The requested URL /ports/releases/8.10/release/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc+ps3.ISO was not found on this server.



ok so i just installed linux but it seems to be all comand prompt i don't even know what to type to get it to restart so i can go back to my ps3 os plz help

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