How-To: Hack Your Canon PowerShot Digital Camera



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After eading this article in the magazine, I was surprised that yoiu can hack your Canon camera!

So i read over the instructions,g ot some more into and I went to download the firmware.

It'sa good thing I have a Canon Camera!

After finally getting my hands on a SD Card reader, I loaded the stuff into my SD card, followed some more instructions and here we go, the firmware updated and I am now able to shoot in RAW, get better video quality, etc.

 Some older cameras might not have the firmware update but thank god they had mine!

 I will check the site monthly if ther is any new updates...




I forgot all about this stuff.I found this info a year or so ago and my camera A510 is still not supported. So don't hold your breath if you have an older one, Although never hurts to check in once and a while.



I just bought Powershot A480 two weeks ago and very pleased to see this hack.

unfourtuntly, it is not supported yet.

MPC is my home page



 ....the Dept. of Homeland Security will get ya!


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



Was really looking forward to trying this out but it seems my A520 isn't supported yet....



I was excited at first.  Unfortunately, *my* PowerShot is much too old.  I've probably had my A40 for seven now, but I don't really use it anyway.

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