How-to: Give Your PC a Professional Wiring Job



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nsk chaos

pretty good guide! thx



I just upgraded my PSU to a Corsair modular unit.  Since you only use the cables you need there's less wires to deal with.



I love the shrink tubing to hold it into place.


Lord Omega

I have an Antec 300 and we all know how bad the cable management is in that beast. Well, a dremel, time, imagination, zip ties, duct tape, more time, and a rasp can do the job :D


LOL that is what you can do.DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY HARD DRIVE CABLES! It works prefectly fine just the way it is.



When I'm really fastitious and know that no other parts will be added, I will remove the extra connectors from the bundles, (expecially the floppy power). (No need to have two extra connectors hanging off a drive when only one of them will be used.) Mainly by removing the wire pins one at a time snipping off the eccess then putting back into the connector.

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Dust accumulation is a far bigger problem for me than wiring. Even with good (and frequently cleaned) filters, the amount of dust my machine accumulates is depressing.

What I need is a good little vacuum that has attachments capable of getting into a PCs nooks and crannies.



Check out this thread over at [H]ardOCP's forums:

SOme SICK wiring jobs. Like this one:

and this one: 



 Any PC that comes to my workbench gets a complete cleaning and cable wireing overhaul. I find that it's much easier to maintain, upgrade, and fix a PC that's had the wireing tideyd up and kept nea. WHen I got my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 case I set up the wireing in such a way that upgrades are easily done, airflow is great and everything looks awesome. Just need to clean up the wireing in my wife's PC.

 BTW, with the shrink wrap stuff, can a hair dryer work or do you have to use a heatgun?


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The finish line is in sight... that bundle of cables left on the bottom of the case could be tucked into the empty drive bays (stimulus package).  Just a suggestion



I envy the cable management you all take for granted.  My Silverstone TJ09 is complete hell when it comes to wiring, even though it's incredible in every other aspect. 



Yeah I spent at least 5 or 6 hours total wiring and rewiring my case as I put each part in.  Took forever, but with the help of the slide out motherboard tray in my Thermaltake VH6000BWS Armor+ Full tower I have all my cables perfectly organized, and you can barely see a single one.  It's great!


And I actually prefer to use nail clippers to cut the ends of zipties off.  Works perfectly, and cuts it right down to the base.  It's also more convenient when trying to get it into small places to cut those hard to reach zipties that you spent 30 minutes trying to get in the right spot.


One more thing - when I bought my cable wrap, it came with heatshrink tubing, which I couldn't put to use because I didnt have a heatgun.  So instead of using the tubing I normally use black electrical tape, and as long as you wrap it tight enough it works fine.



It's not spying, it's really good targeted advertising, and as you can see it works well lol.



I hadn't seen this done before until these pics and it's not mentioned anywhere in the article.
The CPU fan wire is coiled up (probably wrapped around a pen or pencil) to take care of the extra slack.

Probably one of the best tricks I've seen in a while, definitely worth mentioning.


steel_icon Obsidian Series 800DWThis case should give first time users out there a new start.Also Lian-Li and Silverstone, to mention a few among other great cases.



My system in my Thermaltake ArmorPlus Supertower that i'm using now, took me 2 days to build from scratch because of all the maticulous wire managment I wanted. I also had over nine 120mm fans, some cold cathode kits, an internal amp and a custom liquid system to install.



the coolermaster HAF 932 full tower case, is a really awesome case for cable management, tons of room because its full tower and lots of holes to route wires and cables.


Talcum X

 Dont use the stick on wiring anchors.  After a while of the heat, it drys out and dislodges for the point of contact.  Rubber bands also dry out, cumble into a mess in the bottom of the case.  And twist ties  have metal and I dont trust them for obvious reasons.  Zip ties, though strong, are a permenent hassle.  Anyone who upgrades often will learn to hate that rout as well.  There are reusable plastic ties out there that work fine and arnt hard to work with. I have always been a fan of good wiring practices, but gave up when I was always in my system.


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My nice wiring jobs in the past didnt lsat past the first big upgrade. In the past I would use 2 or 3 dozen zip ties to hold everything out of the way and provide nice air flow. But that only worked until the first major upgrade then it was snip about half the zip ties and and I would have to rewire everything. After upgrading two or three times the system would once again look like a rats nest.

 This time I decited to go the behind the motherboard route. Just about all my data cables and power cables go behind the back of the motherboard tray. The only cables that go across the motherboard are two SATA cables for an addin card.



Braiding, tucking, snipping, twisting, bending... 

When your job entails ordering parts from some 25++ suppliers/importers/distributors then assembling all those computers, this is therapy for me.

I'd rather be dealing with computers than "people" most of the time. :-) 



Great article.  I swear the MaxPC guys are spying on me!  They seem to write an article at the very time I need it.  The Symbolic Links article, Top Freeware Programs, and now the cable management article.  I just bought all the components for my i7 system yesterday!



I'm only fussy about the wiring if I'm selling the rig. I upgrade my home rigs so often that being crazy about the wiring is not practical except if air flow is a problem.



I torn aprt our rig and I threw away the PSU and bought a 400 watt a perfect one for our rig. I re-wired it and It looks amazing. Any time I get a computer someone gives me I always re-wire it. I'm a neat freak! xD

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