How To: Troubleshoot and Optimize Your Internet Experience



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Under standing your network can save you alot of time and it's fun the things you can do with your network is crazzy.



malware bytes and avast are both superior spyware/virus removal apps and have never failed me on last 100 systems i fixed.  cant say the same for kaspersky, norton, avira, or mcafee.

 aye this article was pretty weak for boosting connection speeds.  would rather suggest best router and nic to get max gains over default/oem hardware.

 alot of the time an anti virus itself will slow your internet connection dearly.



I never quite understood why people accept installing software to rid of poor software in the first place. It just seems downright silly.

 My Solution:

a) Use your head, if you are unsure don't click and exit.

 b) Don't use IE and Outlook/Outlook Express. Thunderbird, Chrome or Firefox are safer browsers and e-mail clients that are actually faster than IE and MS e-mail programs.

 c) But spyware? Why weren't you using your head and reading the checkbox options that you agreed to when installing the application? Sigh. Here goes the big job.


  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Select the Processes Tab
  • View -> Select Columns
  • Check the PID (Process Identifier) box
  • Start Menu -> Run
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • Type netstat -o and press enter (This shows EVERY application using the TCP/IP stack in Windows, something that MaximumPC's method doesn't.)
  • Compare the PIDs from the netstat output with the PIDs in your Processes Tab in Windows Task Manager.

d) Enjoy your virus free system...of course there are other methods, but those are pretty much outlined in the article and many more on Google. Summary: Check Services that are running, check msconfig bootup applications, check netstat output.




ad-aware and spy bot I have used both and they both let things

go through they think are safe. They both keep a list and let in whover they want.

They only block the real badies when in fact they should do as they claim and block them.

Then we would'nt have to deal with them in the first place.



now i undersand superantispyware's "catch all the spyware, not just the easy ones!"


Pentium 0

Does anyone know what the problem might be with a modem losing dsl connection every 30 sec durring a torrent download?



Not all ISPs will push out the firmware at a customer's request. Modem firmware is pushed out at whatever interval the IT department deems necessary. It doesn't matter if it's your modem or a rented modem. Routers are something else; you should be able to update your purchased router's firmware with no internvention from the ISP.



Don't forget about APIPA addresses...  The range is used when no DHCP server can be reached.



A follow-up article should cover WPA/WPA2/WEP key problems, problems with "easy" wireless setup, what to do if you are getting a marginal wireless signal between your router and clients, and when to upgrade from G to N.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Who the heck is... "Chris Comiskey?" Is that some fancy psuedonym or something?  Some anagram of "Gordon Mah Ung?  A new intern?

Just kidding, Havoc.  Great job on the article!



What we need is something that block's Ad-ware and malware. what we have now let's it be put on the machine then you have to remove it your self with ad-aware or spybot s&d. I want something that will not allow any crap ware on my machine. IMHO.



He listed them in the article already...


Both of these can block a large majority if you enable the system watcher & browser innoculation options.


Libera te ex infernis!



If they worked you would find nothing. Every time I ran a scan I would find something and have to delete it. then scan with the other one and it would find something and I would have to delete it. Just run Ccleaner and it removes all adware,malware takes 10 seconds instead 30 min. scans.



The only problem about making anti malware/adware/spyware programs that they are only able to fight off the malware that are known.  They can't block new malware that they don't know (unless it follows a behavioral pattern that is similar to other known malware) because how are you supposed to fight off something if you don't know what it is?



well Vista answers that question. 


Your about to open a program

Do you want to open this program?

Do you Really want to open this program?

Are you Absolutly sure?

Last chance to back out of opening the Program....


Uuser Accounts controls are the kind of anti male ware that catches stuff before it run because it assumes EVERYTHING, even windows itself, is a virus.



moar Malware scaners do that in the routine scan. The problem is Maleware makers create new ones that bypass the dcanners thus the need for definition updates and post mortems


The 0ne

I can only write this before the page loads on an iPhone. No offense maleware guy, it's all for fun.

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