How To: Stream Your Music Library to Any Computer



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Add a wireless adapter for each computer... and truly this is an elegant way to stream music from my collection anywhere in the house. jam tangan bisnis online



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This would have been RREEALLLYY useful 6months ago when I was searching for a solution to do exactly this.  I've no idea how I didn't come across this article.  It doesn't seem so relevant to me anymore, I used to be obsessed with my own music library, but not so much anymore.

We really are going through a major music revolution, the industry is going to alter massively in such a short space of time.  This cloud-based super streaming future we are heading to is so exciting.  Like I say, I was listening to my own music a year ago, but lately I've been standing back and looking for new ways to enjoy music.

This has either been through using [url=]music recommendation sites[/url] (such a shame Pandora's no longer available in the UK.  Or through [url=]watching live music online[/url].  These are both ways to discover great new musics and soon maybe they'll be available in the cloud-based system too.



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Hey, I went through nearly every media streamer listed in this thread (netjukebox, orb and yoics)---

Seriously, Subsonic is the one you want. 

It's easy to set up and serves your music through any networked device including a slick FREE iphone app.

I setup netjukebox though my wamp server and the ID tags didnt import correctly. Basically this app doesnt work unless you take the time to edit ALL of your file names.  No-Go. 

Subsonic installed and worked out of the box as advertised.  

Thanks for an awesome how-to and opening my eyes to streaming media!

Love Max-PC!




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Kalidity is starting a new service for exactly this purpose. It lets you stream your music from home to any web browser and (currently) and iOS device. Add your email to get an alert when it goes live later this month at


Sam Pierce

The way you described the overall procedure that how to stream your music library to any computer.



I tried as well after reading the comment about it here and love it. Way more simple to use, no configuration. Just point to the folder you want to share out, and I'm bumping my tunes on my iphone




I have been using instead, it's working great and it's more light weight,
I hated having apache and all the other stuff running just to send music to work.



when i try to update my netjukebox, it says:

Can't open directory:

  • Check media_dir value in
  • Check
    file/directory permission

 I'm running windows 7 home premium, and my music is stored in my music library. I followed the instructions above, but it keeps on getting that every time!




the directory you should use is probaly C:/Users/User-name-here/Music that should work for you good 



The music from within a home network is easy with iTunes and Windows Media Player; what’s trickier is getting access to your 100GB music library while away from home,,,.with Apache server software and a little-known program called netjukebox. You’ll be able to browse your collection via a gallery of album cover art, stream custom playlists, and even download entire albums as zip files. ,,.Thank you,,.,,.Shortcuts Keyboard



i appericiate your efforts. you have introduce many informative stuff to internet users. we have been visiting your blog with lot of knowledge.

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Music is a burst of choices. Not only what note to play when and with what instrument.



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Actually this would be a great knowledge for al of us.since all most 80% of internet users may not have a clear idea about this before.but because of this article, they would love this....yeah for sure.



 How to play music through winamp on netjukebox:

1. open the httpq plugin in winamp

2. check the ip. it'll be a dropdown showing either or another ip click the other ip.

3. in the player config on localhost make sure that the port and passwords and ip are identical.

i hope that helped! 




how do i get it to play my music i just get an error when i click play it says Can't connect to Winamp httpQ plugin on:

any ideas???



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Even better, the Orb software automatically broadcasts your libraries
to an XBox 360 and PS3 without any setup required.  When I go to the
media section on both my 360 and PS3, the "Orb" is sitting right there
with anything I've imported into Winamp.



Turn my old PC in a FreeNAS, Stream Music or host a blog dont know what to do FreeNAS I think.



Thanks much for this writeup!!  Great job on describing EXACTLY what to do!  All in all the whole setup took me less then 15 minute to accomplish.  No real configuring required. When I heard Apache I got a little nervous & thought I'd try it anyways.  The only part I had issues with were the port forwarding due to my situation.  But once that was done I was home free.  I need to email the authors at NetJukeBox about a few things I'd like to see or get reconfigured for future releases.

 As to those promoting  I started going that route to see if it was that much easier.  I won't lie, it was.  BUT...I emphasize "BUT " the small problem I immediately encountered is that Orb is a go between guy.  I mean I have to log into Orb and for all I know, they're working for the man!  ;-)

 Seriously though I like the ease of use with NetJukeBox.  It has its downfalls, but what software doesn't?

Orb is too "regulated" by someone other then myself.

 Great work!!  Thanks again!



Orb is a much better, and much more simple choice.  I've been using it
for a while.  Just get Winamp and Orb, and your entire library is
accessible via an online interface for which you setup a username and
password.  The interface looks just like Winamp.


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Nice solution!






It appears you have to have either WinAmp or VLC player running on your system before this will work. Something not mentioned in the article. Also, from everything I've seen on the netjukebox website, it appears to require winamp on the remote "PC" as well. Haven't tried this from my linux box yet, but it doesn't seem to stream to a Mac so the "stream to ANY computer" part in the title is misleading as well. Not to mention, I cannot install winamp on my work computers, so even those windows PCs are out of the question.


Also, to orangea, check out this link:



When I try to play something, it says "Can't connect to Winamp httpQ plugin on: localhost:4800". I can download stuff, though.



You want to click stream, not play. The play button will attempt to play the song on a winamp server.



Although I appreciate the easier alternatives (like Orb), and probably they should be mentioned in the original article, this is Maximum PC, not Reader´s Digest. We read this site and magazine because we want to know and do this kind of thing our way. Like buying a PC from Dell or building your own.

Great Article.



Or just install Orb ( which does all of this, and more for 1/10 of the effort.



Another alternative is Yoics, which basically setup up an apache server for you.

There are pre-configured versions for Tversity and MyTunesRSS, all of which is free.

Tversity setup:




Orb is a much better, and much more simple choice.  I've been using it for a while.  Just get Winamp and Orb, and your entire library is accessible via an online interface for which you setup a username and password.  The interface looks just like Winamp.

Even better, the Orb software automatically broadcasts your libraries to an XBox 360 and PS3 without any setup required.  When I go to the media section on both my 360 and PS3, the "Orb" is sitting right there with anything I've imported into Winamp.

A thousand times easier than this article.


sub_noob 7532

I mainly use orb for streaming video's to my ps3/xbox360 and I'm gonna have to agree that it is a nice simple interface and it's extremly easy to set up. Also I can stream my media collection to my iphone using the orb live app.



The problem with Orb (other than that it hogs your resources by running as a program) is that it has a very rich interface that's not easily compatible with all devices.



A quicker way would be to use Vibestreamer, but the tradeoff is the interface is minimal and the developer stopped working on it, but the current version works.



This is a better option in my opinion:


I have been using it for my personal music collection for 9 months now and it work flawlessly.



If you already have a web server and MySQL setup and everything, it's not bad. The biggest problem I'm seeing using netjukebox is that it gets file info from the folder structure and file name, not from the ID3 tags. The author says this is because there's not really a unified way to distinguish "track artist" from "album artist" (Zune uses the BAND tag for album artist, so you can have like a soundtrack with differet artist but still being classified as a single album). That seems like a stupid reason to me to not at least provide the option. I'm trying to decide if I feel like going through the trouble to fix it.



This is my chief complaint about netjukebox.  I've been using this for a while--since I first saw this article.  It works for streaming music well enough, but the interface for finding and selecting what you want to play is pretty bad.  On top of that is the required folder structure which just doesn't fit some scenarios.  I ended up running some SQL statements to automatically fill in some of my "genres" so I could at least GET to some of my music without having to know the exact artist or title.

Also, it doesn't stream FLAC.  *sob*



I'm having trouble getting the last step to work. Anybody know of a good "how-to" article on port forwarding? The article didn't exactly go into too many details...



go here:



damn thats alot just to stream some music !!!



Another great free option is Orb

Brain dead simple to install and lets you stream music and video. I can now stream my media to my computer at work or my cell phone/PDA. If you have a TV tuner card on your PC you can access it and stream TV. 




An interesting way to stream your media, but I salvaged plenty of old parts, added two 1 TB HDD's and Windows Home Server for $99 at the Egg and Webguide add-on allows the same as well as access to ALL my stuff, not just streaming media. You guys previewed Home Server when it first came out, but I have not heard much about it from you since. We love ours!

I've upped my standards, now up yours!



[quote=Fixedu]I've upped my standards, now up yours![/quote]


Oh, yeah? Well, up yours too, buddy!



Just jesting. The tiny formfactor is what maks this really attractive, not necessarily the hardware it's running on.




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