How To: Make a Video DVD from Media Files with Free Software



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I Rip alot of DVD's and encoding not that bad on the Core 2 Duo E8400 but now on a P4 thats time.



Do y'all have any suggestings to which program is best to to the dvd to divx so i wont have to go thru 200+ dvds?



Great article. I've got friends doing overnight shifts and I was just thinking of a way to make DVDs from stuff I have on the PC for them to watch on porable players. Thanks!



so I can find this article again. MaxPC should really let us mark articles as favorites!



Have you ever heard of bookmarks my friend?

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DVD's losing popularity? That might be a scoff point. I know exactly one person who has blu-ray or HD-DVD.

Regardless, the trick is not how to get info ON, it's how to get it off and to your PMP with one step. I've found DVDx is good for this. It reads directly from the disc, so no copying to HD first. It combines .vob's when necessary (load the .IFO) into one file, and it's faster than most I've used. It's free, but It will not do Copy-protected (there may be a pay version that does, I forget).

We all know Will likes Handbrake, but I've found it annoying to make your own settings, and doesn't have the above 2 mentioned features.


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I use DeVeDe and BurnAware Free.



I find another open source software, DVD Flick, to be much simpler and polished.  It also includes ImgBurn to make it a one step process.



I've found the easiest way to make a video DVD is to just use Vista DVD Maker. It's part of the OS so I guess you could say it's free and it's always worked for me.

I rarely make video DVDs anymore anyway because I have a Philips DivX player so I just drag .avi files to a data DVD using a DVD-RW formatted in Vista's Explorer. It's saves allot of time not having to transcode stuff and they're extremely inexpensive at Walmart.

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