How To: Customize and Streamline Your Windows Desktop



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I just use the windowsblind… the look
of my dear pc has changed marvelously… really if the desktop is
organized and unique it can change the feel of using a pc! Thanks for
the nice tips.


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It would be nice if I could customize my desktop, but as I know from my experience, my pc becomes slow after installing the themes and it becomes irritating to use the pc. Anyways thanks for the tips.

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Nice article Adam,


I've used Window Blinds for years and people have always been amazed how good it looked.

On my new Vista 64bit rig, I use Window Blinds,Desckscapes for .dream files, curse FX, object dock, and YOD'M 3D for the cube.

The only thing that seemsto stress the system is the cube.

All the products I use are from Stardock accept the cube. There are so many (thousands) Window blind suites and .dream files there to choose from.  No, I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

Some people skoff at all the eye candy choosing to go for basic raw performance. I like the best of both worlds.





I have used Windowblinds a couple times in the past but it seems to quickly becime a bloated mess. Has this gotten better in the past year or so?



I found that ObjectDock is much better and more full-featured than Rocketdock, and I've used both.  Object dock is free as well, and also uses less memory than Rocketdock.



I suggest use Tune up 2007 or 2009, it does all the changes in your windows shell and desktop..from booth screen, log-on screen and windows style. Its safer if you screw-up the system when updating files on your system32 folder.

try they have tons of styles to choose from..go to windows customization..

for additional info on this customizing try also it has a lot of list of doing this plus links to the apps involved..




Or you can just use Litestep. If you have XP, Litestep is much more stable than explorer for a system shell (and even more stable if you don't use explorer at all and use directory opus as your file manager). Litestep works with Vista, but not as well and I don't know if it boosts system stability in Vista. I've also found anything reskinning my windows, even nVidia's nDesktop (which doesn't reskin but adds buttons and functionality) causes more system instability.



Or you could just uselinux ubuntu and have a amzing looking desktop and general UI right out of the box!And all that for free!



I love Linux, but Ubuntu is lacking IMHO and is fast creating a Microsoft type user base where everything sucks but thier OS.  No offense to any Ubuntu users out there... have tried it, but still prefer Gentoo to any flavor of Linux.  Just my $0.02



But I want to play all my games

 I do use linux though



You can, and I do through Linux using Wine and also via dual booting for those that I don;t feel like messing with getting to work with Wine.  That being said currently able to play LotRO under Linux via Wine (PITA to get running though).




So I have Vista at home and there are 3 things I love about vista.

The new Address bar in Vista's Explorer. Bring it to XP using QT Address Bar

The single click on the clock to pull up a calendar. Bring it to XP with LClock.

The real-time thumbnails you get when mousing over a window on the tab bar. Rocket Dock or Object Dock can do this.

If you customize windows, add these to XP to make it better.




Regardless of whether you're using the freeware or licensed version of Deskspace the application is actually a pretty nifty security tool.  If you're having a party and allow guests to remotely access the media server through your favorite computer, noone would think to hit those three buttons, or middle click, so you can keep them out of things by customizing one desktop strictly for the media funtion.  Actually works really well and keeps me from constantly checking in on whoever is putting together a playlist.



w00t :D



I just went to the WindowBlinds download page for the free version, and it's a 30 day trial. wtf.


nsk chaos

*sighs* a 30-day trail kinda ruins the point of it being free (and the free has disabled features)

=P not a smart marketing idea if u ask me



Yeah, that's usually what happens with Maximum PC recommendations any more. Seriously, guys - do you even look at the pages before you click on the pretty buttons?




Yod'm 3D for those that don't want to spring $25 for DeskSpace.

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