How To: Connect Your PC to Your Surround-Sound Audio System



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I found a good website that offers a ton of HDMI video cards at some really good prices.  Here is the direct link to their selection of cards:  They also offer a coupon code "Thank You" that is good for $5 off your first purchase.  I'll give them a chance.



i just brought a blue ray device and this is really a helpful stuff for me



Regards corewavpack



I just purchased the Creative X-fi USB 5.1. After I downloaded the Dolby digital live software; it told me that my soundcard was not compatible. After some more research; it appears that it does not support Dolby digital live.



Thanks for the nice info.  I hadn't even realized my MB had the weird shaped optical hookups like my stereo receiver.  Now not only does my music played from the computer sound great, all my games also sound incredible!  Thank you.



If I am only using my PC in a small room (not a home "theater") then do I need an AV receiver and all this?  Or can I just plug in my 5.1 computer speakers into the analog inputs on my sound card?  Will I lose sound quality or features?



You can from my understanding, but onboard audio sucks, even if the mobo youre using advertises X-fi or something like that....

i use a X-Fi xtremegamer (see below) and i use 4.1 audio.

The sound is amazing, and it is supposed to take a load off your CPU in games


Asus M2N-SLI mobo

Apevia X-Cruiser

AMD Athlon X2 5400+ OC'd 3 GHz

2 9600 GTs OC'd 700

4GB DDR2-800 OC'd 870

250GB Sata 7200 Hitachi ans 160GB IDE Caviar

600W Mach 1

X-Fi Professional Fatal1ty Ed




Maybe it's just been one of those days, but I'm kinda wishing that they had pink Hello Kitty gloves instead of the blue one for the model shots...



Really explained alot of stuff. Unfortunatly my motherboard doesn't support Dolby Digital and only does PCM (intel p45 chipset), however my older motherboard did (intel G965 chipset) but still only did stereo in games. I usually use the spdif for music and use the analog to multichannel for games which works out great because it still does EAX 2 and thats good enough for me.



Comment was double posted, so I removed the duplicate



 This was a really good article for anyone that isn't sure how to set up their PC to work with their home theater properly. However, one thing you should mention. If you have a sound card that works with Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect and you are connected via optical cable to your home theater speaker system and you select digital out/SPDIF (however it's labeled in your system) DD Live/DTS Connect won't work. You HAVE to select speakers as your output device for Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect to work (at least thats what I found with my Auzentech X-Plosion 7.1 card)


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Your articles are usually my most favorite to read. After reading your article (after I recieved the thinly sliced pieces of dead trees in the mail), I subsequently made the decision to purchase an ATI card. I think it was the better decision because of my goal to integrate my PC with my enternainment center.

Please keep up with the great reviews and articles. I wish you would join the podcast more often. It would be nice to hear about the latest toys you are testing at your home.



I can get picture only, no audio. I have DOD(HDMI) selected as my default audio device. No test audio nothing.The mixer shows levels going up and down, but i'm not getting anything on the tv.

Been trying to get this to work off and on since the article came out in dead tree. I know the audio works on the HDMI port on the TV because it works for the Xbox.

I'm using a gigabyte 4870x2 Vista 64. Originally I was trying to get this to work in Windows 7 beta, figured it must have been a beta issue (this was before CCC was released for Beta) so I downgraded to Vista 64 and still can't get it to work.

Thanks for any help/hints



I just don't feel this article was that nessesary. Maybe the NVidia part was usefull, but plugging in other stuff, was just basic knowledge.



Something that is common knowledge to you and me, and perhaps most of the MPc readers, may not be common knowledge to everyone. We all had to get a start somewhere.



Yea, but would a non computer enthusiest be purchasing an high defenition sound card, or even have a hdmi capable video card?



Considering the sorry state of audio on some "enthusiast" rigs I think a refresher course was in order.




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