How To: Run Windows Games on Linux



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Creating a gaming platform for Linux was a great idea. I can't remember how many nights I lost trying to make Jewel Quest work on Ubuntu. I hope that the platform will not crash after the installation. Wine was a salutary intervention for the gaming world.



Now that I have discovered first hand that EA Sports Superbike2001 does not finish loading after install;

It might be a good time to point out that this article does not mention how to uninstall anything.

Under the wine menu, it's all there. Is all I should have to do is click "uninstall superbike2001" but nothing happens.

So now that I have about 200 meg of code just sitting on my hardrive, how do I gracefully remove it without uninstalling wine itself?



What about graphics and audio drivers



never mind i got it



Grabbing and installing Wine-Doors is a good idea too. It will generally grab any missing windows fonts, and other small .dll issues with a few clicks.


Lord Omega

CrossOver is pretty much Wine and is easier to use but Wine is free and you can do pretty much what you want on it that you can do with CrossOver. Although sometimes sound and other things like Ventrilo do not work, but it is not a biggy.

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