How To Remotely Control Your Windows Desktop for Free with LogMeIn



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Yeah, logmein is a quality remote support tool. No doubt about that. Alternatively, one may even try using RHUB`s remote support servers. It allows Multi-tiered collaborative support.



LogMeIn free is an excellent tool but the paid version is a bit too pricey. Have a look at GoSupportNow ( It costs just $19.95 per month.



Remote computer support technologies like LogMeIn have revolutionized the way computers and connected device are repaired and supported. Kudos to the masterminds behind these technological advancements! They have made the daily computer and tech support delivery by essentially faster, as online techs can remotely connect to PC owners and/or users in less than 60 seconds. I'd also mention that market competition has slashed the costs necessary to acquire remote support software licenses. These solutions were initially packaged and distributed solely via Saas model, but now support providers can purchase remote support appliances with almost the same features at reasonable or pocket-friendly one-time prices! Google "Remote Support Appliances" to learn more.




Does this tool support some kind of WOL option?  What if I don't want to leave my pc running all day but want to have remote access?  Any ideas peeps?!



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With LogMeIn Pro² you can access your remote computer from
anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
files, synch folders, print remote documents to local printers, even
share your desktop…these are just some of the features you’ll enjoy
for the next 30 days or 120 minutes, whichever comes first.

 I got this message in the nice "Thanks for Trying" email. does that mean myfree account that i made only lasts for 30 days/2 hours?



The LogMeIn Pro will work for the 30 days or 120 minutes of use.  The main differences, that most people notice is remote audio and copy and paste.  But, if you do not pay for the subscription, it will automatically revert to the free version, with no intervention required.


Also, if you don't get a chance to test the features of any of the trial products, send a quick note to the sale/support team and they will reset the trials for you.  It's a great way to try a new version when they are released.



You can try pro for 30 days and then switch, or switch now to free in the preferences of LogMeIn


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I find LogMeIn to be the most advanced solution on the market for this type of thing, but the Free version is a bit limited in terms of the features and the "pay for" version is ridiculous (such as LogMeIn Rescue). I'm now using Techinline ( which I find to be a very reasonably priced alternative, although obviously not as fully-featured as LMI Rescue. Anyone know any other similar solutions (which can actually meet the budget)?



I've used teamviewer for years to support family & friends, and it has never let me down.


Oh yea, It's also FREE!


I might give this logmein thing a try tho.. 



In Soviet Russia, computer logs you!


I've been using logmein free for years and I highly recommend. Thay also snatched up Hamachi VPN a couple of years ago which is also an awesome tool.

For anybody that has to support parents who live in other states logmein works wonders.



As has been stated already, this is a great little application. It is really handy if you need to log into your home system from work. For example, if you forgot to load an important document that you were working on at home, on a flash drive, you can log into your home system from work to transfer the file to your work system.


Very handy for many things! :-)



It's probably some Asian word - they have Chow Mein and Lo Mein.  Now there's Logmein.




This was inspired by the Mac|Life article in the current issue wasn't it MaxPC? 


EDIT: I think it's even the same picture?



Life is like a box of chocolates, except you can't eat life.

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Well, sort of. But, I have the beta of LogMeIn Ignition for Android and it's GREAT!! Using it on my HTC Incredible is seemless and easy. I love it! It should be out soon.



'Been using LogMeIn "Free" for several years.  This is one hell of a tool.  BONUS: It's cross-platform.  This is a great tool for remotely connecting to machines that you need to remote to on a regular basis (servers). 

For on-demand connections to offer remote assistance, you could use LogMeIn Rescue.  It is not free, though.  Instead, they offer a free two-week trial.  After that, it's fairly expensive.  For these situations, I highly recommend




As in " Log Me Into my computer, please".  AFAIK, no meaning in German.

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Keith E. Whisman

So is Logmein German or what? What's it mean in English? danka



It's in English it's just three words with no spaces in between them.

It should be Log Me in, as in when u log into your pc.

logmein does look german or something. tho 

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