How to Make the Move to USB 3.0



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Ultrasound Tech...

I want to have also this USB 3.0 Controllers! :) But I have already my desktop PC. Maybe next time they it will be available in our place. When they will intergrate it already in the motherboard. Whether the vendors to this chipset is Via Technology of the NEC, still very nice new feature! so loved it :)


Sharon Chang

Dear All,

Sorry to disturb you.

Let me introduce our USB3.0 products to you, like

USB3.0 Hub

USB3.0 Hub bay/Front Panel

USB3.0 HDD Enclosure:2.5” & 3.5” & 5.25”

USB3.0 2.5”/3.5” HDD Docking/Duplicator

USB3.0 to SATA/eSATA adapter

USB3.0 I/O Card


If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me:





Nice article but a bit too early. I don't know of many USB 3.0 devices yet nor can I find any USB 3.0 hubs. Sorry but a 2 port add-in card just won't cut it. This is really moot at this point bceause as USB 3.0 gets implemented more thoroughly, motherboards, devices and hubs will all become easier to find.

Still, it's good to know what to look for when thy become more plentiful.


Sharon Chang

Hello Cantonman,

We are professional manufacturer from China for computer related products, and we are focus on USB3.0 products from year 2009.

We just designed a new USB3.0 4Port Hub, would you like to try? If you have interest, kindly let me know your email address, then I send photo and info to you.

Thank you,

Sharon Chang





[mashes DOWN ARROW button on keyboard in the deluded hope of exacting vengeance]


YAUN NOT needed. SATA supplies more robust disk connectivity; USB just stay home with printers, cameras, etc. Leave serious, long running transfer requirements to the professional protocol.





what about the extra juice it supplies for faster charging times and enclosures not needing a power adapter.



I wish there were good or bad comment l buttons like on youtube. Max PC you should add that!!



 Right, then if you don't like someone's opinion, you'll mark them down. (Like this one.) Lol




There are also 5 or 6 new x58 series motherboards that support both SATA-II and USB 3.0 , from Asus and Gigabyte

It appears that X58 has better support for USB 3.0 and SATA-III drives compared to P55/H55/H57, as it is not limited to "stealing" bandwidth from existing PciE lanes. The P55 only has 16 "native lanes, so adding USB3/SATA-III to that chipset reduces the video bandwidth unless you add a bridge chip like NForce 200 to the board. And even then on some new boards you can lose that speed boost if you add an extra video card.

On X58, which has more channels, when you add USB3 and SATA-III you do not lose any native speed for multiple video cards.  

 On my Asus P6X58D, I can run 2 video cards at 16x/16x natively and still have USB 3.0 and SATA-III both at the standard 6GB/s. Very few P55 boards can do that, and certainly not as "true" 16x/16x.

 Good we just have to wait for USB3 and SATA-III devices to really deliver the performance!

Cyberpower i7-920 O/C 4Ghz
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Powercolor Radeon 5850
6GB A-Data 1600 RAM
Asus P6x58d with USB3 / SATA6G
Asus 26" VW266H LCD @1920x1200



Good comments and input georgekn3mp  :-)



 I found hits for all three mobo motherboards add-ons. The ASUS looks like the bet bet Goggle ASUS U3S6 and hit shopping. Now I am just waiting for a BlacX SATA to USB 3.0 cradle and my day will be complete..



 Seriously reduddent much? You should really merge this, the USB 3.0 white paper and "USB 3.0 FAQ" into one.

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There's multiple reasons to not do this. However, maybe you should merge both of your comments about this to just one of the articles? Check the other article about USB3.0 for the reasons about why they should remain separate.

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