How To Make Amazing Posters and Desktops from Google Maps



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According to the developer...

I'm afraid that, due to the people at Google kindly informing me of
their ToS I have removed the Google Map Buddy
from this website, and any other websites its hosted on.
I hope that people who downloaded it got some use out of it - and if
they still have their copies they should
continue to work.
I'm afraid I won't be able to respond to any queries about the
software, or develop it any further. If anyone knows or an
alternative tool as good as or better than Google Map Buddy for
creating offline large maps then let me know and I'll place
a link up here. 



My av reported that this program was trying to update the windows.ini file.  This happened after I clicked the 'create map image' button. 



 Wow, that's reallly awesome, would also work for textures.


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