How To Combine And Organize Multiple Music Libraries



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For this matter, once I discussed with one of my friends, not only about the content you talked about, but also to how to improve and develop, but no results. So I am deeply moved by what you said today.air max 90



So, i gotta install another music manager on my hard drive? Lame. First, i use tag and rename, or for free, mp3 tag, it will not only tag all songs, and label them in a uniform manner, it also will download the album art. for duplicates, itunes also list dupes, and you can delete them as needed.



well, just read the how to on the media all my files are labeled captine and teneill 30,000 files...hmmm I will stick with winamp.


this is as bad as when my freind read about the remote features and about tore his hair out, telling me MaximumPC said it was easy...HUH..... did he ever find out.



Alex gave us a easy way to manage music. Good job!

I suggest you another way to manage your ipod music without iTunes. iPod Mac Transfer software and more!





How well does mediamonkey play with the zune. I have a zune pass and regularly add new music at a sometimes frighteningly high rate. I am also concerned about duplicate files from different albums. I would like to keep both in case I am listening to the whole album.  



i've been using it for yrs and recommend it to everybody. i dont even bother with Itunes and other major feature that gets ppl i know to switch is the ability to copy music off your ipod or others, which itunes restricts



I loved Media Monkey so much that I decided to pay the cash for the lifetime license. The application is great in it's ability to tag, and when I send my music to my mp3 player, I have it set up to convert any high quality music files to OGG, no matter what the original format is (mp3, iTunes format, FLAC, etc).




But it doesn't address keeping the higher quality version of the duplicates, for me that's a problem. I spent alot of time converting my stuff at a high bit rate. I wouldn't want to lose any of it to a lesser quality version when de-duping. You ought to revise this articlue to address that before you talk people into deleting their quality collections.



Then you can just choose the bigger one.  Good thought though, wouldn't want to lose my 256-bitters. =]


DropBox Rox.



yes, you can sort (or sub-sort) your library or the duplicate finder results, by bitrate, it's simply one of the available column headers at the top of that window.

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