10 Ways to Manipulate PDF Files with Free Software



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Dirk Augustine

It's very annoying when you have a PDF file and you can't do almost anything with it. It's like looking at a beautiful garment you don't have money to buy through a window. I appreciate you posted this article, I am "richer", now. I would have appreciated if you would had written about a program I could download, because I have a good antivirus and I don't want to use the Internet too much.


Heidi Lavern

I agree, that's why I try not to use the PDFs so much, because I like to mark down good information and revise it later; that thing is harder with this type of files. I don't have a problem when I transfer edi documents, though, but my colleague hates them, because he's having difficulties reading without underlining.





i always wondered which is the software to open files and modify files like pdf because i only know the adobe which don't allow me to modify them, only to open.



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It's true that you can pick up lots of little apps for doing individual tasks. However the app that does it all is Infix and it is basically free.

It lets you edit your PDFs in the way you would expect with text flowing from line to line and page to page. It lets you fill in and save PDF forms. It lets you manipulate pdf pages and extract content. etc etc etc.

It would seem the developers spend most of their time improving the application rather that shouting about it because it is true that it is less well known than say Foxit.

But it is totally the best out there - I really wouldn't bother with anything else.



that is a great idea.Magnet Material



This is a great program for marking up pdf's.



I would just like to point out that PDF is not a proprietary Adobe format.  Not anymore.  It was published as an open standard (ISO 32000-1:2008) in 2008.  It's been 1 year, and already the number of free programs to work with PDF has grown.  I expect to see fully featured Acrobat Suite replacements within another year.

This is why I find it unacceptable that Microsoft hasn't included a native PDF printer and reader in Windows 7.  OS-X includes this support, and lately MS wants to compete with OS-X as directly as possible.  I think out-of-the-box PDF support is one of the things they should be matching.  Adobe can whine all day about unfair competition, but if it's an open standard they can't do anything about it.



OpenOffice Draw actually has an extension in which you can do basic edits in PDF files. I have tried it out and it works quite well. The extension is called "Sun PDF Import Extension." Available here:




Which of these would be the best to edit a pdf? I want to create text boxes to add info to existing pdf's.



PDFCreator can be used in XP to create a .pdf file from any program that can print.  Graphics/documents/pictures or anything else.  Once the program is installed, it shows up as a printer.  Select the printer from the application and when you click Print the dialog box for the conversion will show up.  I haven't seen a Vista version yet unfortunately. 



I think I had PDFCreator installed on Vista 32-bit.  I'm running Win7 RC x64, and I think I'm using CutePDF right now (not on my computer at the moment).  Both use Ghostscript as their engine, so they produce similar results.  You should be able to install either one, but CutePDF says specifically that Vista and Win7 are supported.



zamzar is the way to go! unless you wanna pirate adobe

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