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These tools are becoming very popular as of late. I am actually seeing the commercials on tv pretty regularly. I always use Proxy Networks for my PC remote access needs, and I am very happy with them. It's great that more peopel are finding out about these, because I know how valuable they can be. I think there were just some awareness issues with them in the past, but those seem to be going by the wayside.


Rog 1976

Great post on networks! I know there are many Remote Conrtol Software
choices out there, including Proxy Networks, TechInLine and CrossLoop,
all of which have versions which are free with multiple security
layers, user-friendly interfaces, and are lightweight on hard drives.
Many are super simple to set up, and some, like Proxy, don't require
installation. Others include a mobile component, which isn't good for
day-to-day work (lots of scrolling), but can be a lifesaver in a pinch.
The good thing about them is that there are a lot of choices (also
check out Hamanchi and LogMeIn) that you gave use for free and try them



I love this for my own private network never try it out side of my Network.



I would suggest using a program called It is 100% free and you can access your computer from any other computer as long as both have a connection and are on. It will traverse any firewall in place. This program is great if you want to use your computer for anything except transferring files. If you want to do that then just pay the small monthly fee and away you go. Its all done over the web on a secure connection. Where I work there are strict user settings and a tight firewall. I can get connected and work on my home computer at work with ease. I would suggest checking it out. nothing to lose.



I am trying to remote from a Vista PC to a XP Pro PC. I followed the directions and it says Failed to connect. Any ideas?


Anagard Vorn

It took me over an hour to get it to work on my vista machine and when i tried to install it on my xp machine it wouldn't work. It kept saying something about "renaming the local area connection to hamachi" but when i did it didn't do anything. I wanna be able to use this nice setup so when my family and friends call me about their pc problems all I have to do is put this on their machines and work on them from home.



Is there any way to get sound over this?
Im currently trying to get reomte desktop to work with my new router because before i had it running with sound and now i cant even get it to run. with this though it was really easy and works, but being a musician sound is important. is there anyway to listen to programs like itunes cause that would cement this as a must have solution for me.



It seems that the router at my workplace is configured to reject this incoming connection request from home. Using UltraVNC, just as a connection appeared to be made, the message "Your connection has been rejected" appears or all related windows simply disappear. I tried TightVNC and a similar thing happens where either I get the 'rejected' message, or "Connection closed". I used to work where I had access to the company router and used port-forwarding with XP's RDC. I'm now at a new job where I'm not a part of the IT group and have no access to the router. Is it not possible for me to make this connection without adjusting the router?

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