How To: Streamline and Customize your Vista Installation



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this program is soo old news because i used to use it soo many time on several computers with only 256MB RAM when minimum is 512MB and recc. is 1024MB or 1GB and i used it to remove features and put hotfixes and updates along with it and i created so many discs over the course of the years(3-5 that is well for me anyways.) but its good for ppl who dont know how it works and want to understand it better so like i said program is still pretty good these days. and no madness here lol





I don't think I'll ever use this because i don't use Vista now Windows 7 Yes



Can I use vLife with a Vista Ultimate OEM package with my home built?

I'm about to complete my first home built computer (EVGA 780i motherboard, Intel 6700 CPU, and dual Samsung 500 gig HDs).

Is there anything I need to consider after I configure the BIOS?




You can use vLite to install and configure Vista Ultimate; according to the latest help on the vLite website, you can even slipstream Vista SP1 if your Vista Ultimate OEM version doesn't include Vista SP1.

I'd recommend taking a good look at the help on the vLite website and checking out the vLite forums before you start. Take your time, and use vLite primarily to slipstream SP1 (if necessary), add other updates and hotfixes, and to automate installation. Removing Vista components can prevent you from using all of Vista's features, and should be saved for later experiementation. Have fun!
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