How To: Make Your Loud PC Whisper Quiet



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The concepts outlined in this article are good and still applicable, but will only get you so far in building a quiet (or even silent PC).   We recently launched a silent PC, and there are two things we had to do in addition to the concepts above.  1)  We had to take a good look at WHERE the heat was being generated in the system.  Many fans in PCs today are performing no useful function -- they're providing airflow where it is not needed.  Especially with modern PCs, there are only a few hot spots where heat is being generated.  We use a thermal imaging camera to allow us to hone in on exactly where we need cooling.  2)  We cherry pick components.  There is a HUGE variation in noise level even across supposedly identical components.  We can make the Serenity PC another twice as quiet with this technique.



many of these measures i've tried.  the fundamental thing is trying to make a cheap case quiet is both expensive and ineffective.  just buying an antec p182 type case and slapping all the base components in would have probably yielded a superior or equal baseline result.


you cannot add baffled intakes on a cheap case easily. or change all the panels so they are made of layered materials that yield nothing but a dull thud when tapped.  even nicer cases ring like a bell when tapped, they are made for looks, not silence. 

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