How To: Maintain Your Water-Cooling Setup



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I use a large mouth container. I disconnect the input or return line from the CPU water block. I submerge the CPU block into Distiled water. I afix fishing weights to the return line and submerge that into my large mouth bottle. I add a bit of water into my reserve tank and close cap. I turn on the pump. The pump will suck water minus bubbles from the bottom of my large container. The air that normally circulates and gets trapped in the loop drops into my large container and floats out of my loop. I now look at my reserve tank and simply tilt my case until the air in tank is replaced by water. When no air is in the loop I stick my gloved hands inside the jar and connect the hose back to the CPU block closing the loop. I then wipe off all the water or coolant, remove the weights, tighten the hose clamps, and place block on top of CPU using artic silver. You will have no air in system and your PC will not sound like a fish tank.



Go to auto zone and purchase hi-temp silicon gasket cost about $3:00 per tube. I use hi temp just in case the water level becomes low and water starts to boil over the CPU. I apply a very small bead of gasket silicon over and under the o - ring or in both the upper and lower o- ring groves. I then wait a a few hours before tightening up the block. I have never had a leak since I began doing this over 5 years.

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