How To: Create a Custom Internet Radio Station



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Hi there...

It's a very nice and interesting article.

I followed the instructions and everything seems ok. I could connect to my network remotley and was able to get the stream up and running, but the problem is no sound is coming! I have a sound on the machine am running Windows media player from but the songs are coming mute! Any idea of how to solve this problem?




There is a completely easier and free and legal way to do this using a program or web site called Nutsie.

What nutsie does is takes your itunes library.xml file and matches your playlist to the nutsie server and meshes it with thier 500,000+ songs that they have.

nuTsie placeshifts your music to any web-connected PC and many mobile phones including Blackberry devices.

it's also a facebook app so you can share your playlist with your friends legally.

Nutsie does this by making it more of a radio station where as you can't seek in a song or go backwards and the playlist plays at random but it's your playlist

Edit in Itunes to your hearts content by making a favorite song playlist and away you go. easy, free (for now) and legal.



FYI, the correct url for a stream is http://youripordomainname:9000/stream.mp3.

In order to sync your stream across multiple PCs in your home you should download softsqueeze 2.0 at It allows you to play music across your network as if it were several radios tuned to the same station. Quite nice when you want to listen to your music while on either end of the house, upstairs or downstairs. This is a hardware emulator for your pc and acts as a squeezebox. IT SHOULD BE INSTALLED ON EVERY PC YOU WISH TO SYNC. The sync feature is located in the upper right corner of the squeeze center main page. Several different options are available in order to customize your softsqueeze emulator. Just look around in the settings.

You should also download the jmfmp3 plugin in order to improve audio playback when using softsqueeze. This is located at Instructions are located under the audio tab in the softsqueeze settings. The link to the plugin is not functional in softsqueeze so use the one I provided or google it.



I followed all the directions as posted.  But nothing worked.  I added the name of the domain as a proxy server in squeezecenter and it works without any problems.  But does that need to be done to make it work?

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