How To: Clean Up Your MP3 Library



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MediaMonkey Rock's.



I know I'm reviving and old article but, I've been using mediamonkey for a few years now and this is all i use. it can add music to virtually everything, I've done cellphones all mp3 players. it has all the features of itunes and some. you can export you itunes library and MM will convert it to a PL it can use, it will even search your library for those tracks. it lets you know if there's dup's on you devices. plus all the scripts and plug ins that the users developed makes this the ultimate media manager.



Will this allow me to remove duplicates from m iTunes library? If not, do you have any suggestions on any programs that do?



Jay Price

My full libary will not load in mediamonkey, do I need the up grade?



I have one word for you. Mp3tag. ( Does everything (except volume leveling) I am ANAL when it comes to tagging and filenames (need to be when you have 13,000+ songs), and this has been my good friend. Some features:
- tag to filename
- filename to tag
- regular expressions!
- auto format (changes cases, to your choice, etc)
- auto numbering
- great album art support (yes, it writes the meta data)
- freedb info lookup

Just thought you all might like to try.

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nsk chaos

So I'm guessing that Media Monkey will automatically the changes that you have made onto iTunes. Right?



Personally, I found the use of acoustic fingerprinting and matching to be better suited to maintaining reliable meta data in my music library. I use three essential tools / resources.

1) MusicIP - This online database has acoustic fingerprints over pretty much every song I have ever thrown at it. The fingerprint is absolutely unique to the song.

2) - An online community maintained database of meta data (tags) for artists, albums, and tracks. Everything has a unique Musicbrainz ID and most track MB IDs are linked to the MusicIP acoustic fingerprint. If it doesn't exist, you can contribute to the database.

3) Jaikoz is a great utility for utilising MusicIP and Musicbrainz to automatically correct the meta data in your music files. It is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and also does album artwork. It's a free trial and only about $20.



Media Monkey is really all you need. It organized both my itunes and windows media player files together and it will make playlist with both file types and will play both file types. This is really all you need! the only flaw is that it does not remove the ddrm from the music tags... drat.

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Cool thanks for the article, I'm surprised to be the first comment. I've been looking for opinions, techniques and angles on how others have been keeping their collections.


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