How To: Back Up Your Hard Drive



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Awesome tutorial! Very informative.

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Hy guys,

I am using a software called Dmailer since 2 years now and i didn't had any problems with it . As it was a free software it catched my eye quickly , but in time i saw that is good in every aspect of it and  i think i will use it long time from now .

Also you can store the backups on their server up to 3gb for an free account ( they have larger accounts at some resonable prices too )


So use any software wisely and never buy for what that you only heard that is good , buy a software that let you test it or it offers you for free.



Kanuck Thanks so much for the info on how to Backup my files.




I need your "help" PLEASE.I bought a new PC last month.I have them backed up in my (old C Drive)Is it possiable to back up my recent work to somewhere safe?So I'm hoping that I can then transfer the back up files to my hard drive;then delete that old C.I would then like to transfer the latest  files as well.Is this do able??



Just Tracking Thanks

Every one should back up there data if it means something to them.



It is always protect ourselves from perpetrators. We all know that this type of criminals can screw our entire lives so it is always a good thing to be always protected. Internet is the most common base for this criminals, so I suggest that you back up your computer to be always protected. Aside from it protects your identity, backing up your computer is also a nice investment. A computer back-up system, such as an external hard drive or a zip drive, to store things like business records, personal records, or family photos cost that much money. You can lose big time if you don't back-up – identity theft, hacking, or a hardware failure. Before you know it, there goes your tax records for the last ten years – hope you don’t have an audit. It is so easy to lose your vital information. You may not be able to afford not to get a computer back-up, when you think about it.

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