How to Build a Media Room



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ROK Ready

And I thought you guys were just computer geeks...this is a welcome change of topic. Will the full write-up be in the mag? This is good stuff...I'm buying a house right now and this gives me a new idea.



Double walls are good. But another option is to use 2x6 plates and stagger the 2x4 studs to the adjoining rooms. This provides a break in the sound transmission (except for the top and bottom plates). By staggering the studs, you break up the possible transmission through the sheetrock some more.

Use the sound damping sealant/adheseive on each stud before hanging the sheet rock.

Saves some money on materials and uses less space.

I think this will still be a fairly lively room. Not dead by a long shot. There will still be a lot of ambient reflections from the sidewalls, floors and ceilings as well as from objects in the room. The room dimensions yield a good ratio for combating negative sound characteristics but still offer positive reinforcement for the listener.



Brilliant post mate, keep up the good work J

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I'd love to be able to (afford to) build such a room for practicing/recording with my band out in our shop...

I'm in planning stages, but will probably be a couple years before I can afford all the materials needed :( The good thing is I can do all the labor. I have plenty of carpentry experience, & most of the necessary tools to get the job done quickly & easily, just don't have the income at present to build in a timely manner

If I ever get the chance to have a home built for me, it will definitely have a home theater/media room built into it :)

I hope to hear more after your house is finished & the room is in full use!!!



Good and not that great. You are taking the myths of audio to heart. You see, one doesn't want a "dead" room because the room is the x factor when it comes to the ultimate sound quality. I have been touting that there should be some liveliness to rooms where speakers are listened to. I can't pinpoint or calculate the effect, but I can say for certain that a 'live' room can do more good than harm.

Another thing, your definition of standing waves just wouldn't work. Energy is lost from reflection and a domino effect of phase/harmonics are set off when a sound wave encounters a wall. Anyhow, the definition as it 'stands', is that standing waves exist along the dimensions of the room and for wavelengths longer or equal to those dimensions. But, don't get all twisted up about standing waves and the like, it is the x factor remember?
Also, if you don't agree, check out and more specifically the ORION++/ORION+. Maybe MaximumPC can review a REAL set of speakers where they don't try to "educate" readers on what is "best" and instead focus on the sound quality-like they use to.


 Great work buddy, keep it up

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