How to Track Your Stolen Laptop for Free



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Micro Keylogger records almost all the activities on the computer. Not like other so-called invisible keyloggers, Micro Keylogger is invisible from Desktop, Start Menu, Task Bar and more. It runs in stealth and won't have any impact on the system performance. It is good for anti-theft too.



LockItTight is the best application for preventing your android and Laptops to get stolen. It has a free version too and the cheaper rates. very easy to use and efficient. support service can guide you through if you face any problem.



Wow thanks for the tips! I need to give this a try. A few months ago, my brand new laptop was stolen right off the desk in my bedroom! I didn't leave the windows or door open so apparently someone had gotten through the lock. I wanted to install one of those home security systems but they were all pretty expensive and it seems rather ridiculous to buy one if your primary concern is gettting your computer stolen...Anyone had personal experience with the Prey Installer??


Jose J. Soto

After creating the guest account and download, it does not install since it's not the primary (administrator) account. Good app. if the thieve is not computer wise. Anyway it's better than nothing. If the battery is not left on the machine while in your car and it's not in plain sight it would be like a lottery to be stolen. 



Jose, I ran into the same problem you did. You've probably already figured this out, but for anyone else who gets stuck, here's a hint:

When you open your guest account and try to install Prey, it won't allow you to open it since it's a Guest Account without the proper administrative permissions. If you right-click on the .exe file and select, "Run as Administrator," you'll get a window that will prompt you for your administrative password, and you can then install Prey.

I did this in Windows Vista (I know, Boo! Hiss!) so I can't confirm compatibility in any other OS, but I wanted to share. Happy Hunting!



From Defcon 18.  NSFW.



This is a very amusing story about a successful recovery.  NSFW.



Home versions of Windows do not have "Local Users and Groups"(except for XP Media Center), and services CAN be configured to run at startup.

Why hasn't the comments been fixed to work with IE9 yet?



Nice article. I was just looking around today for something similar to the Hidden program I read about in the "This Guy Stole My whatever" article.



so what's taking Apple so long to come up with something like this for the iPod? My son lost one and had one stolen in the span of 9 mths. I refuse to buy him a 3rd one.





my laptop is so crappy, I don't even mind being stolen... (beside data and information of course)


then I'll have an excuse for myself to buy a new one! :D




Programs like Prey can be easily circumvented if the thief has experience with computers. Example: the thief could boot to safe mode, choose not to connect to a network until he/she knows what is running on the laptop, or remove the hard disk and attach it to another PC as a secondary drive. 

I think you really have to weigh what is more important, the *possible* recovery of your laptop or the sensitivity of your data. If it is the latter then I recommend you install TrueCrypt or some other hard disk encryption software instead. That way if your laptop is stolen all the thief will get is the hardware and your data will not be compromised (unless you do something silly like write your password down on a sticky note that you keep with your laptop or choose a very weak password). If you keep a backup of your data somewhere safe (and maybe also encrypt that) then you should be all set once you get some replacement hardware.



Good explanation of Prey, I am not knocking it's use only suggesting an alternative route.



Good idea, even better to have both programs. One for the smart criminals and one for the dumb ones.



I installed Prey on my laptop about 4 months ago, and it unfortunately has not been able to help me in recovering my laptop, which was stolen on 4/19/11 from my home in a burglary. I was really hoping that it would, but I think that after over a month, it's safe to say that my laptop is long gone, as the thief probably wiped out my Windows install right away.




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