How to Secure and Sync Your Passwords Online



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Well, it looks leik someone has a pirated copy of windows :P


Look at the screenshot in STEP 3




Heh, I actually started doing this exact thing about a week or two ago.


*looks over his shoulder*



Thanks for the great article. I can always count on you guys at MaxPC for useful info. (And many commentators as well.)



Does this work with sites where you have multiple logins? (eg, Facebook, where both my wife and I constantly log each other in/out).


Mighty BOB!

Of course.  All you have to do is make more than one record.  Call one "Facebook_Husband" and one "Facebook_Wife" for example.



You show me a wordlist that contains "paraskevidekatriaphobia" and I will change my facebook password.



Well i just added it to mine lol



I've been using Keepass for awhile now and love it! Make sure to backup the database.



I've been using this method for a while and it works well. Add KeeFox to the party and you've got a really great solution.



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Great article. I love stuff like this!

I've used Keepass a little bit, but I don't prefer it. I know it's free and all, but there are some really good, really flexible programs out there that are much better IMHO. I've used eWallet, Flex Wallet, SPB Wallet, etc., and have used SPB Wallet the most extensively.

However, my main wallet program, password manager is currently SBSH's wonderful SafeWallet program ( This is my killer program, and I have around 400 records I manage with it. For the PC (or Mac), it's $15, but it also has clients for Android, iPhone, Bberry, etc. Even with the PC and phone versions, it's still cheaper than something like eWallet, and IMHO much better. Yes, it's not free like Keepass, but I think the rather mimimal investment is totally worth it.

What I didn't much like about Keepass is its lack of flexibility with designing the records (or "cards" as other password managers call them). With Safewallet, I can design any number and type of cards, and keep them in my card template. I can have any number of fields, of several types (text, password, phone, notes, etc.), name the fields whatever I want, and they work great. The look in Safewallet is clean, and it's very easy to find my way around.

To me, Keepass offers very good encryption, but it's cluttered and inflexible compared with Safewallet. Safewallet also offers 256 bit AES, and while it's not an open source product like Keepass, I trust the deveopers. They are actively involved with making all their software better. In fact, they recently released version 2 of Safewallet.

While you can generally keep most of your data files in Dropbox with other password managers, version 2 of Safewallet has Dropbox support built right into it. Dropbox syncs my Safewallet files (templates and cards) with my home and work PCs as well as my Android phone.

Really, $14.95 isn't much for such an essential program IMO, and I really like the capabilities, interface, and flexibility way more than Keepass. Give it a try... you can get a free trial. Just sayin...

And yes, I'm an SBSH fanboi =) but I don't otherwise have any affiliation with the company. I just love Safewallet, and was impressed enough with it to transfer all my records to it (online passwords, sites, bank info, pin numbers, credit card info, lock combinations, security codes for wifi networks, etc. ... anything you want to store and keep secret).



Just wanted to post a quick update. Here's a user's review I wrote recently for SBSH Safewallet:

This also has some detail on why you should NOT use free KeePass and opt for the $14.99 Safewallet instead.



What are your thoughts on LAstPass?




I've worked with LastPass some too. Basically my same criticisms apply:

  • Lack of flexibility for different types of records, fields, etc.
  • Interface not quite as polished.
  • It's an online only tool for the most part, while Safewallet syncs with Dropbox online, the records and encryption are all local.

LastPass's main thing is that it auto fills web page username and passcode entry automatically, logging you on without even having to enter info, copy and paste, etc. However, in practice, I found that this functionality was quirky at best. Worked for maybe 30% of my websites. While I could always copy and paste info from LastPass into web pages, Safewallet makes it way easier. Most websites, especially financially oriented ones, just have more levels of security that don't work well with LastPass.

But... as with Keepass, LastPass is free. Safewallet is a paid program (though not really super expensive), but if that's important to you, then LastPass would be a more attractive option. Still, among the freebies, I would have to go with Keepass over LastPass.

Just my 2 cents.


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